Urge to cancel `politically motivated' Brijesh Kumar Tribunal award on Krishna Water
Narendra Ch | 02 Dec 2013

Prominent environment activist Dr S Jeevananda Reddy urged the UPA Government to stop the destruction of Andhra Pradesh through bifurcation of the state and also Krishna Tribunal order. In a letter to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and AICC President Smt. Sonia Gandhi he sought to cancel the politically motivated report of Brijesh Kumar Tribunal award on Krishna Water and take stringent action against the Judges who are the members of the tribunal.

Dr Reddy, Convenor of  Forum for a Sustainable Environment, deplored that the decision of Brijesh Kumar Tribunal on Krishna water sharing and AP bifurcation affect the lives of people from all the three regions of the AP State. He lamented that the politicians from the three regions are interested on the real estate business in the capital city. 

This is clearly evident on the way the politicians are fighting on Hyderabad forgetting the main issue that affect 8.5 crore populations' lives on river water issues, which is being handled by a politician from Karnataka, though elected from Andhra Pradesh to the Rajya Sabha, being the member of GoM on Telangana, he added.

According to him, the Bachawat Tribunal looked at scientific path while selecting the data and analyzing the data to get probability estimates but the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal followed political path to favour the states who are behind their appointment for the tribunal.

The rainfall and water availability in the Krishna basin following Rhythmic variation – known as natural variation part of climate change.  Even IPCC of UN agreed the importance of natural variations in precipitation.  Bachawat used the data of water availability from 1894 to 1970.  This period takes into account both below the average and above the average pattern of a cyclic variation – A sine curve.  

By simply plotting the data we can observe this. Brijesh Kumar selected the period 1961 to 2007, a period principally covering the above average pattern.  As a result, it increased the mean available water by 185 TMC [Brijesh Kumar estimate 2578 TMC - Bachawat estimate 2393 TMC].  This is not a correct procedures, using 47 years data to estimate probabilities is not significant statistically. This was carried out with malafied intension to favour Karnataka and Maharashtra only; 

In the choosing of dependable available water Brijesh Kumar changed from 75% probability value of Bachawat tribunal to 65% probability value and thus increased the sharing water by 163 TMC [Brijesh Kumar value 2293 TMC – Bachawat value 2130 TMC] & the choice of the data period also increased by 113 TMC at 75% probability – [Brijesh Kumar value 2173 – Bachawat value 2060TMC];


Bachawat tribunal allocated 2170 TMC to all the three states. Under this scheme AP used to get less than the allocated water one in four years. To compensate this Bachawat tribunal allowed AP to use surplus water when available. Brijesh Kumar tribunal through manipulation raised the allocated water by 448 TMC over 2130 TMC and resulting 2578 TMC of allocated water distributed to the three states. Under this scheme AP will get less than allocated water three in four years.  


Warning that this will create “water wars” between the regions if AP is bifurcated, he adeplored that the Brijesh Kumar tribunal has not provided any compensation procedure to deficit years and on the contrary distributed the surplus water to the three states. So, AP has to face the deficit through water wars. Unfortunately, he said,  the politicians from Karnataka and Maharashtra are pushing the AP bifurcation as they are king players in GoM, so that they can reap the riches of Krishna water through manipulation.