Useful tips for phtographing water ripples
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 24 Aug 2013

Ripples in a bath tub or in a puddle are considered as a good subject for creative and abstract photography. Ripples can be created by dripping water drops from a soaked cloth or a dipper onto the surface of tub water or puddle water.

  To shoot ripples in the bath room, put camera at an angle to the water surface and illuminate it with LED light from the side of the camera. The water on which ripples are being formed should be shallow, say about 2 to 4 inches deep.Use high shutter speed to take the photograph by keeping the camera a few feet away from the tub. 

Camera should be set at a small aperture, such as f/11 to ensure a sharp image of ripples. Experiment with a few shutter speeds if you are using external light. But, if you wish to use a flash light use shutter speed of 1/200 sec bur camera at small angles to the water surface. Best is to use an off-camera flash that lights up the ripples from the side at 90 degrees from the camera. 

Make sure that put the camera strap around your wrist to avoid its accidental fall into the water. Remember that water can spoil the camera. There are plenty of ways to make great-looking ripples from water drops. Allow the dripping water to fall from two to four feet of height.

 If you wish to venture to get the ripples in a puddle caused by rain drops, use an umbrella to stand under with the camera. The rain drops also produce interesting ripples to be captured. 

The inset pictures of the rain drops caused in shallow water were taken by standing a covered portion of a building and camera was set at an angle without the use of flash. High shutter speed with small aperture was used to freeze the motion of the ripples.