'Vahan' to computerize vehicle registrations in Arunachal
Mineguruji | 07 Apr 2008





‘Vahan’ to computerise vehicle registrations in Arunachal





It is not only Metros, which are benefiting from the advent of high technology but far flung areas long considered to be India’s backyard are beginning to take advantage of modern advances in software and automation.


Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, the land of rising sun in North East, Arunachal Pradesh launched a software project ‘Vahan’ for computerized registration of vehicles through issue of smart card which will enable better services to the people.


‘Vahan’ was launched by the transport commissioner, Y.D. Thongchi at DTO Office, Yupia, who said that Vahan has been launched as to ensure that the state does not lag behind as far as registration of vehicles is concerned as compared to other states in the country.


Vahan attempts to make uniformity in registration of Vehicles through issue of Smart Card (Registration Card) operational for all over India.

A special machine (Card Reader) of the Transport Department shall test this Smart Card and prove authenticity of the registration. It shall also be helpful in identifying the vehicle whether the vehicle is stolen or authentic one. Privatization of Smart Card has been curtailed for time being by giving necessary training to all transport staffs. Customized Vahan is the result of expert efforts from the National Informatics Centre (NIC).


The salient feature of the software is that it will allow registration of vehicles, collection of road tax, issue of registration certificates, issue of fitness certificates, issue of road permits with the click of a mouse.


On the governance side, the Vahan project aims at transport department attempts for better citizen services, monitoring of Govt. revenue, management and control, faster implementation of revision in Govt. policies, instant accesses to information to any Department and single window

It was revealed that District Transport Office, Yupia shall be training centre for other staff on the project.