Variety of Lights this Diwali
gurleenkaursabharwal | 16 Oct 2009

This diwali people can choose from variety of diwali lights as many new types of lights are there in the market.

Ambala ThroughTheEyes of  Lights this Diwali


With Diwali around the corner everywhere we can see diwali lights displayed all over Ambala .In Model Town which comes under Ambala Chinese Lights have become everyone’s favourite.


 The coming Diwali promises to brighten up things for Ambala residents as shopkeepers are stocking up on new and unique Diwali Lights.There is so much of hassle and bassle in the market as people are busy shopping for Diwali. People are very excited and busy telling electricians to put the lights on their walls  first.


There are variety of Chinese Lights that are available this Diwali.it is becoming difficult for people to decide which light should they buy this Diwali.


Everywhere around Ambala we can see somewhere there is renovation going on and somewhere painting is going on as Diwali is just a week away.

The Chinese  products offer a huge range to choose from.


A Pomegranate light which has eight functions like two colors in one time , than light colors come in dotted form with on and off facility and much more and ranges from Rs. 100 to 200.

A 100 metre rice light which is new can be used vertically, horizontally or diagonally which ranges from Rs60 to 100.

160 bulb net star light with coloured sparkles will cost from Rs.100 to 300.

Pineapple shape light with 72 bulbs with red and yellow colour  ranges from Rs.30 to 70. the light looks really like pineapple.

Piping light with different colours like blue, green, yellow and red ranges from Rs. 200 to 350.

Flower shaped lights with Chinese white bulbs  ranges from Rs. 25 per string.

White coloured lights with tiny bulbs all time favourities every diwali ranges from Rs. 15 to 30.

Diwali patches  are very expensive and ranges from Rs. 250 to 1000 per patch and comes in all colours .

Mirrored lights are available in all colours and can be lighted and looks so different and ranges from Rs .200 to 400.

Circular Hanging Chinese Diyas ranges from Rs. 10 to 15. they are chargeable and no oil is needed to light them.they are not breakable and easily portable. 


According to, “Saggi Fancy Lights this time ten days before diwali the sales have increased upto 10% than last diwali. This diwali we have kept many new types of diwali lights”.


According to, “Grace Lights Shop this diwali we have kept a variety of lights and we are giving a gift vochuer of Rs. 150 if a person spends more than Rs. 350”.


According to ,“Shwata who is a homemaker said this diwali is very special because this is my first diwali after marriage. I want to buy each and every type of lights this diwali to decorate our home and our lifes”.

According to ,“Satinder Kaur who goes to DAVSchool said this diwali we will do piping of lights as it will give a neat look to our house and we have brought a lot of expensive crackers as its  my niece’s first diwali.”


Chinese lights are easy to handle. Chinese lights are available in various colours, shapes and suites everyones pocket as Chinese lights have a lot of variety.