Varun Vs Rahul: who will cruise ahead
B.Pavan Kumar | 26 Jun 2009

In the 14th lok sabha, Both the budding scions of Gandhi-nehru family would be looking to make it big.Although there are quite few similarities in both of them drawing comparison would be foolish

The fourteenth lok sabha has an array of surprises which are interesting to watch out for. Amongst such things, the “G” factor attains the centre stage.

No,not just one!!!!!!!!!

It’s a double treat this time!

One happens to be the Chocolate boy of Sonia Gandhi who pretends himself to be a novice to be considered for prime ministerial race although his loyalists insist.

The other one happens to be the chubby saffron leader who has been the protected property of “Dynamite” lady menaka Gandhi who has been going out of steam to make it big

Comparing both these scions of “Nehru-Gandhi” family would be meaningless  as both are fighting on different lines for different identities although on the same platform. One appears to be humble than required while the other fails to hide his adamancy. The “Cool Cucumber:” of UPA has although made good progress as a leader, he still has a long way to go if he aspires to step into the glorious shoes of his family members. The “ Hot Potato” post the disastrous performance of saffron in the elections has a huge task of winning the faith of his own party seniors first.

The limelight that rahul has hugged since past few years has been so much that his discovery “Kalavathi” is today as popular as a bollywood actress in the country. This makes him more feeble than stable because delivering on par with the expectations on him is herculean task.

Varun on the other hand succeeded to make it into news finally though it was hardly an acceptable way for majority of the Indians. Politics and ethics apart, Varun needs to learn the art of being diplomatic from his cousin ( who went praising Chandra Babu Naidu before the poll verdict  anticipating the probable need of his support) rather than learning what Geeta says from his another cousin Priyanka Gandhi!!!!!!!!!!