Veer Tejaji fairs held in Rajatshan
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 17 Sep 2013

The three-day well-attended colourful Veer Tejaji Fair was held at Parbatsar, Talera in Bundi district from September 12 to 14 with traditional gaiety and religious fervour with a lakhs of rural and urban devotees of the folk deity participating in it. A colourful procession or Shoba Yatra was taken out followed by worshipping and offering milk to the deity.

Tejaji fairs are old folk festivals of Rajasthan since 1930 and people from different communities including Muslims participate in the festival. This year too the festival has been observed with a flavour of communal harmony and social integrity. Pilgrims played music in groups and different villages offered large colourful flags to the temples of the deity.

Veer Tejaji is known as the protector against snakes, scorpions and mosquitoes. It is said that during the fair, reptiles are not to be seen anywhere at the fair site. People believe that Veer Tejaji protects them against the bites of the reptiles on worshipping him. 

Some traditional devil acts, folk dances, cultural shows were special attraction of the festival. Like every year, some foreign tourists also visited the fair to get a glimpse of the living cultural tradition and rural life styles of Rajasthan. 

Veer Tejaji, a folk-deity is worshiped in entire Rajasthan by all communities. He was born on Friday, Magma Shula 14 during Sam vat 1130, in the family of Nagavanshi Jats. His father was Chaudhary Tahar, a chieftain of Kharnal in Nagaur district in Rajasthan who is believed to have got his son by the blessings of Naga-deity. 

A large number of temples of Veer Tejaji have been built in entire Rajasthan. He is worshipped as a demigod with the power to spare from death of snakebite victims. Tejaji fairs are also held at places like Beawar, Kishangarh, Sursura, Bundi, Rampura, Ajmer, Kharnal, Kota, etc. in Rajasthan.