Veiled Rhetoric Towards Swaying World Opinion Against The Government Exposed!
Sinna Manni | 03 Apr 2008

The recent opinions expressed by the Free Media Movement apparently hand in
glove with the The Centre for Policy Alternatives whose 'alternative
'mentality often points either to a confused state of mind or a deliberate
attempt to mislead, has expressed the opinion that it was the Government's
own abuse of power and disregard for the rule of law that was bringing Sri
Lanka into disrepute internationally and not criticism of such abuses by
civil society groups which too has been voluminous of late and often
stemming from the opposition ranks of the UNP and its disillussioned leader.
Somehow they have not touched on the abuses of power by past Administrations
where the present one seems to have admirably compensated for many areas
neglected by the previous and the Nation albeit slowly and moderately now
recovering from the excesses as well as misdirection of previous regimes
some of who shamelessly collaborated with the terrorists and their own

These kind of statements are not only greatly distorted but inclines the
more discerning to think that they are propagated by pro LTTE elements and
enemies of the State mainly to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka in the
eyes of the international community and sway world opinion which is
presently divided in favour of the growing recovery of Sri Lanka and her
devastations from terrorism.However the high faluting rhetoric which often
follows such dispensations and often dispensed by so called intellectuals
and persons of high standingare oftentimes worthless as most unfortunately
their transparencies as LTTE sycophants show up if one were to look close
enough and be able to read between the lines.

These statements have been made in conjunction with a warning that the
government's so called "abuse of power" could endanger critical economic
concessions won from western governments giving access to their markets.
That the topics of criticism have been carefully selected to create an
impression on the international community and global opinion now becomes
quite apparent as the following bears further testimony to it! "The European
Union's GSP Plus scheme under which export products and other commodities
get duty free access which is coming up for renewal by the end of 2008 and
the main requirement for Sri Lanka is to ratify and implement 27
international treaties, most importantly the International Covenant on Civil
and Political Rights. Although Sri Lanka is a signatory to these treaties,
none have been sufficiently implemented. " Almost a covert suggestion to the
EU to rescind renewal of these schemes and an opinion that needs to be
trashed and scoffed at given the lack of tangible fact or substantial
evidence of proof relative to the circumstances within Sri Lanka today which
despite all obstacles indicate great progress by the Nation where
speculative worst case scenarios have no place in order to discredit its
leadership or curtail aid packages!

These are bold and unclassified accusations which continue to stem from none
other than the pro LTTE lobby which seems to stem from many areas and
indicates a degree of desperation in their attempt to discredit the
Government of Sri Lanka with no real tangible evidence to strengthen these
claims and intended to buy them a reprieve they do not deserve and for as
long as the LTTE are still around such criticisms will undoubtedly continue
although the Government of Sri Lanka has no reason to be apprehensive about
such baseless statements and need to push on with the main objective of
eliminating the terrorists regardless of the attempt to spoke the wheels of
Governmental progress. It is the right direction towards accomplishing the
task despite the worthless rhetoric emanating from worthless terrorist
supportives where the stamp of intellectualism in the letters after their
names perhaps carry no credibility but the drive towards eliminating a
nation destructive scourge certainly does!!!

Ridding the Nation of the terrorist element will probably kill two birds
with one stone. Create a terrorist free Sri Lanka and hopefully silence the
likes of these incessant critics of Governmental progress with intent to
discredit as it does not seem to suit their personal agendas and political
leanings as well as their disgruntlement of being displaced from a
recognition in high office previously which they in all probabilities never
deserved as their yellow underbelly as terrorist supportives surface!

Suggestions such as " Sri Lanka is drifting towards dictatorship where all
concerned citizens must be anxiously waiting for the next move by civil
society groups to save the country from another national disaster. Sri Lanka
is already on the verge of being categorized as a failed state and unless
steps are taken to reverse the present trend the country will soon be in
this group." seem a fomentation of dormant fears typical of the sole purpose
of distracting the Sri Lankan Government from its relentless march to
eliminate the terrorists which despite the portrayal by the reactionary
forces such as those who propagate these suggestions do not seem to reach
their intended targets as the terrorists are being decimated on a daily
basis and the rhetoric perhaps to little avail.

In a very appropriate manner albeit amusing as it seems a self description
the true natue of these sycophants attempting to discredit the Government of
Sri Lanka in the eyes of the world it has bees expressed thus towards their
own transparencies that" Those who make loud noises are ill informed bigoted
persons with some grudge and /or seeking power by appealing to the people's
emotions.Global emotions more correctly!

There is nothing shocking as alluded to about the Government's lack of
concern about this development as it is bound to be self destructive.
Undoubtedly the Leaders of the Nation as well as its Armed Forces believe
this to be a catalyst towards continuing speedily with their political as
well as millitary agenda as disdain against such rhetoric continues to mount
in a national sense which would also ensure the pluralism needed for Sri
Lanka's future once the healing begins in a post Prabhakaran era where Sri
Lanka will not be intimidated into capitulating to a terrorist agenda and
all undesirables will be weeded out some perhaps rehabilitated and others
discarded towards their own resources which will not exist in a terrorist
free Sri Lanka but maybe across the great divide!