Vellai Pookal
Parinatha | 19 Mar 2011

Review of a song from Kannathil Muthamittal movie

 Vellai Pookal is a beautiful song from my favourite movie Kannathil Muthhamittal. The minute you tune in to this song, it melts your heart, calms the mind and cools your blood. The meaning of the song is extremely pleasant. It promotes world peace and urges people to live and let live. 

A tamilian might relate to it more but being a pseudo tamilian I can still connect and my friend being punjabi can relate to the feel of the song if not anything else. It is not just the lyrics of the song that make it so beautiful. I think this is the one song where background score not just enhances the lyrics but also expresses meaning very well with the tune and instruments. 

The listener irrespective of class, caste, gender or race will be able to appreciate the silence and serenity the song evokes. All the chatter among everyone drops immediately if this song is audible anywhere in the vicinity. It binds your ears and captures your heart. 

The melody of the song is mesmerizing enough to bring tears in your eyes. The song is comforting and can act as your pleasant and healthy doze of Limovan (sleeping tablet). Taking an extremely biased stance here, I would say it might even make the worst criminal innocent.

A.R.Rehman's voice feels like sweet flowing nectar, giving me an image of the course of waves, gently rising up and falling down with a slight bounce. The soft guitar in the background enhances his voice giving a certain softness.

The song touches my heart every single time I listen to it. I sleep listening to this song on repeat everyday. It teaches you a lot. It teaches me to be calm, it teaches me to love, it makes me cry when I miss home, it reminds me of the times when life was simple and free of worries, it reminds me of friends and family and helps me thank God for all the amazing things he has bestowed on me so very lovingly.

Do listen to this track and tell me what it made you go through :)