Verity of education in five stories
FAYAZ | 26 Dec 2014

All claims of the government do seem an absolute untruth whenever someone stares at the current scoio-economical mod of public where people are craving for a loaf of meal. Every new second of life does seem a messenger of death, a death which does not let people to die at once but a continual death series.

Billions of the rupees of government and international community could not redress the wounds of the people, people who are being compelled to live a life as if they do not have any of right to life. Such a naked truth reveals when someone put an eagle on the rural areas of Sindh. Worst education system of Sindh (rural) is a slap on the state institutes which cannot be beneficial for the masses. Hundreds of schools went closed under the supervision of education administration and they are being sheltered by the political tycoons. Such a worst and bitter situation of education seemed in district Sijawal, a 28th district of Sindh. ISC team visited government boys' primary school (SMIES Code: 404080089) village Rawal kandra in union council Jaar Taluka Sijawal some 23 Km away from the district city headquarter in the east-south side. Poor road infrastructure revealed the political apathy in the areas of this district.

The school is closed for more than 10 years but none among the education administration dared to visit the village which has more than 300 households. Unfortunate innocent children are deprived of education. Tears shed when we think of dark future of these innocent angels who are indeed flowers like. The building of the school is reserved for the gambling by the local people, however; children of the village used to go to get religious education in Madrasah. No boundary wall seemed and the condition of toilet was deteriorating. Children of the village mostly work in the fields or go outside for growing goats and cows and buffaloes. Poor infrastructure of the muddy homes, except a single house building of the landlord of the village indicated a clear sign of controlled system. In response to queries by the ISC team available villagers named Hafiz Tanveer Ahmed told that they are intended to have quality education to their children but non seriousness of the government and local influential have kept our children aloof from education. Many a times district officers of education were approached and even appealed to get restored this school but they didn't pay any of attention. Faded faces of the children are an eye opener for the intelligentsia of this dead state and fake ministerial system. Such innocence of these children is indeed a mirror for the so-called development sector. The city school system, the beacon school and many other private sector education system are well furnished but the government educational instates particularly primary based schools system is completely destroyed. Villagers even did not know about SMC committee.

Who would come to educate 40 Children deprived of Primary Education

66 long years are indeed more than enough for a new state to settle the state matters and give a meaningful living standard to the citizens but here in Pakistan only a single class is privileged and the rest of the people have been left deserted. While traveling, we see the animals are tied in the schools and children who should have been in the schools are unfortunately there presence is beyond yet. When we think of high standard of Education in rural villages of Sindh, we completely experience low standard values and low usage of resources in the schools. Likewise, there is Primary school village Sawan Khan Kandro (SEMIS Code: not found) in Union Council Jaar District Sijawal; it is closed since Two years; the Teachers of this school are absent since the said time period, even the villagers do not know about their identification. The building of this school seems redundant without furniture and other necessary material. When ISC team inquired about the matter of closure of the school, then a focal person of the village Mr. Sulaiman Kandro could not stop his tears. He added that school is closed due to political clash. He did not know about SMC and other funds of this school. But it seemed that no single amount of budget is utilized for repairing of building and for its stability. The closed mode of school has left about 45 students out of school. The villagers have met many times with supervisor and other responsible authorities, but response on the other side seemed futile. During this visit, on the occasion number of children gathered and showed their great concern for getting education. The faded faces of innocent children and their eager eyes were waiting for any natural savior of Education in their village. Most of them worked in the fields and engaged in household work. Villagers were also enthusiastic for the restoration of school and future of their children. In past times, Teachers used to wait for students to attend school. But presently condition is reversed, now the students are waiting for Teachers to come to school and school buildings are waiting for them to carry-over education. But, alas! Nothing like that happens now. The responsibility of Education of these innocent poor children is on Government, but their aspirations and hops for acquiring Education to become an Educated responsible person of the society is far beyond their reach; they even cannot think of that; the right of thinking has been snatched from these children.

The right to Education

Education condition at District Sijawal seems poor due to ineffective steps of Government for the betterment of Education and resultantly thousands of Students are out of school and hundreds of schools seem to be closed. Poverty affected villagers have only one hope for their children to be educated and become an officer, but their hope is left behind because of closure of schools and irresponsibility of Education Department. Top management of Education Department is very much aware of the Ghost Schools, but no notice and action is taken. When ISC team entered Union Council Belo in the said district, the team came to know about Primary School Haji Sulaiman Othar. The apparent display of this school from the main road tells that it is well run school. But the school was closed since last 12 months. This two class room's based school was having no furniture and the present furniture was broken. No compound wall seemed to protect that building. Class rooms mostly remain open and provided best opportunity to the thieves who have taken away furniture and other important material of the school. Washroom is built in the left of the building which was in crumbling condition. ISC team met a focal person of the village named Abdullah Othar, who further briefed about the short history of that school. According to his statements, the school building was constructed ten years ago and since then it was running smoothly, but due to political conspiracies school is closed since one year. He added that village is having 100 households with 500 of population and 82 students are on role in the school and they all are kept aloof of getting Primary Education and left to work in the fields to grow crops and grieve over their future. He said, an NGO name HANDS had provided them furniture and sweet water tank for the school, but that was stolen and the remaining desks and tables are broken. Mr. Abdullah Othar told that villagers have met E.D.O for opening of school and providing necessary material including appointment of Teachers

And in response Teachers were sent to run the school, but the owner of the plot of school created difficulties for them and that staff left school idle. Children and their parents were eager to send their children to get Education and shoed great cooperation for its function. The awaiting eyes of poor children for opening of school and attendance of Teachers were internally looking for higher responsible authorities to save their future.

School closed since Two Years

A single room based Primary School village Basro Khan Laghari (SEMIS Code: 404080334) is in Union Council Belo. The school is on the right side at the distance of some 1000 meters from main road to Sajawal. It is closed since two years. School building is without furniture and other necessary material to use; it lacks desks for students and chairs for Teachers. The entire building is cracked and its color is fading; electricity system is out of order; no compound wall seemed for its security. Toilet is built in the left side and surrounded with thick bushes and no more in use. The school building is used for sitting place of guests and other local people. On face to face interaction with focal person Mr. Shabir Ahmed Laghari told that there are 15 houses in the village and only five students are on role in the school register, but they are deprived of Primary Education and remain engaged in local games. SMC committee is formed, and Chairman of the committee is local influential, but budget is not utilized for stability of building. Landlord's involvement has left school closed. He himself is Primary Teacher and has been in the same school, but due to its closure, he has got transferred and performing his duty in other school near his village. He personally has met E.D.O and T.E.O for restoration of the school, but T.E.O said his he was powerless, so the responses from the other side seemed futile. In front of the building, some bandage strips were scattered and it seemed that it was used for medical purpose; may be any local doctor is using it. However students' rights to Education are snatched by the unjust landlords; even school budget is being grabbed by them and they do not feel ashamed on their inhuman act of injustice.

Students dreaming of Education only, having no access to school

When we look at skimpy and poor condition of School in rural areas of Sindh, with claim it is true to blame Government on its ineffective steps for Education of poor rural children who are kept confined to work in fields and cry over their fortune of being uneducated in this era of advanced technology. The same provision prevails in Primary School village Muhammad Usman Shaer at Union Council Ali Bahar Taluka and District Sijawal. The forty (40) students of this school are deprived of basic right of Education and pushed back because of closure of school. The village is having 70 households and overall dependency of people of this village is growing crops and earn livelihood to continue their poor life. They do not have any access to Education of their children and their dream of getting free Education on the part of Government is still a dream. The only school of this village is closed since years due to involvement of political clash and local clashes. Teachers have political and landlord's support, so they are not willing to attend school, but very much curious for getting salary on time; due to Teachers distant attitude for Education, future of children is on the verge of devastation. Total furniture of this school is broken and the remaining is taken away. Villagers told ISC team that, many times they had approached higher authorities to take notice of their village school, but Education department did not respond them in order to restore that school. They added that school has no any compound wall and there is shortage of other basic facilities of drinking water and toilets. Teachers are informed about the condition of school but they do not take interest to attend. Villagers showed interest to open school and save future of their poor children; their demanded are not responded; their education rights are being grabbed. On the enquiry of SMC committee, they were unaware about SMC committee and other funds for school.