Victim Students get Compensation by Un-Recognized Institutions: SC
Anand Krishnan | 23 Jul 2010

Victim Students get Compensation by Un-Recognized Institutions: SC




The Supreme Court of India ordered a statement on July 21-07-2010 in which the students who were innocently took admission on the basis of false advertisement by the Colleges which are not affiliated as well as which are not a recognized institution


The students who are really Sufferer   from these and there future were spoiled by these institutions will get a Compensation of Rs Two lakhs  and this was came from the Bench of Honorable Justice A.K.Ganguly and G.S.Singhvi in that the students who already studied or in middle course noticed of there institutions are not in order and the institutions are not recognized will totally collapsed there future and time.


The Honorable court tell why not pay Rs 2 Lakhs to each Students who are really sufferer and duped by such institutions


There are many such institution in India which are running by false advertisements and took high amount fees from the students and at last or in middle course the originality of the institutions are seen and finally it goes too late and the student lost all the things his money, ability, time and for these many complaints are too have been seen in the Official complaint websites in which students write the fate and the truth what they suffered by such institutions.


Many articles and alert news are seen but the advertisement are given so correctly that all the things are fully fitted for the future of the student but after admission and heavy fees and they take advance money for the studies and books and at last every thing got fake and the student and institution gets tense and finally the sufferer is student only.


The institution which are not touch with rule and regulation for recognized and affiliation with criteria and Infrastructure requirements will not be given recognition Court says


The institution are just like shops fleecing money form coming students and after that they are not bothering about their future and lastly they are only playing with there future


The Parents as well as students must check fully when they go for admission and if some things is not appropriate of that institution must be report to the higher authorities and for action or clarification and all criteria and affiliation is ok then only  the student must take admission and give fees which are according to the rules and regulation other wise these type of institution and false advertisements only make students future in dark .