Voters' Open Letter Request to the Chief Electoral Officer-Andhra Pradesh
TR. Madhavan | 10 Mar 2014

The voters of the Polling Station Part No 89 of 51 Assembly Constituency Rajendranagar falling under Parliament No. 10 Chevella, Ranga Reddy dist, Andhra Pradesh fume that every time the voter list is prepared irrationally prepared and published. They have been representing to the CEO, AP since 2004 election related to preparation of voter list and shifting of the Polling Booth. Their representations have been thrown to dust bin. The issue is in the knowledge of the political parties and they too ignored it.

The voters say that, during this coming election in 51 Assembly Constituency - Rajendranagar, several new premises were identified and allotted as polling stations.

The voters listed in the Part No. 89 are the residents of Happy Home Gardens, Fort View Colony, Happy Homes Palaces, PLNR, PNR, PDR apartments and naidu colony on the western side - Upparpally - between pillar no 181 to 190 of PVNR Expressway in the inner ring road. Even though there are several educational institutions, Rajendranagar court premises where the polling booth can be located which is easily accessible to the voters. But, again the polling booth allotted in the eastern side of the inner ring road in the Suleman Nagar locality of Chintalmet area which is more than a kilo meter away from this location.

They say that, have to take a route via Upparpally Cross Roads, then non motor able roads via Chintalmet  Cross Roads to the polling to cast their votes. The voters unable to understand the logic in retaining the polling booth in the same location announced earlier, when they know the location of the residences of the voters. When voters listed under Polling Station 89 of 51 AC Rajendranagar has been requesting for the shifting of polling station since last elections. Why our request has been totally ignored?

The voters have again sent a representation to the CEO, AP, a secured place is identified and a Mobile polling booth be stationed between pillar no. 181 to 190 in the inner ring road area on the date of polling to be held shortly enable them to cast their vote. 

The voters hope that, CEO office will take into consideration of their request and allot a Mobile polling booth and communicate to them at the earliest.