Voters request letter to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India,
TR. Madhavan | 11 Aug 2014

Respected Prime Minister Sir, Voters of decade old nine blocks residential complex one near pillar no. 185 PVNR Expressway, of Rajendranagar Assembly falling under Chevella Parliamentary Constituency of Telangana state, en route to the Shamshabad Airport, is a classic case of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and State Road Transport Corporation indifference.

Drinking water is being purchased at a higher price from the private vendors. Ours is a decade old apartment complex, where the builder has not provided drinking water facility as well as the drinking pipe line connections charges are too high and mostly tenants are living the resident flat owners are unable to pool up the amount for the connections charges from the non-residents flat owners even after several requests. The 1000 odd families are buying water from the private vendor in cans.

There is scheme with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to install a coin operated water purifying machine. We sent a request for such machine with a capacity of about 10,000 liters a day should be installed for the benefit of 700 odd families and in turn an income generation for the GHMC as well as HMWS&SB.  There is no response from any quarter.

The Hon'ble Mayor of Hyderabad had announced another scheme requesting the GHMC Zonal Commissioners to set up 400 reverse osmosis (RO) plants to provide safe drinking water wherever there is a provision of a building with water facility, which are to be run by Self-Help Groups. For our enquiry there is no response.

Since a decade buses used to halt at near pillar no 185 PVNR Expressway. When PVNR Expressway construction started bus shelters in the inner ring road were removed and none have been reconstructed till this date. Since a year and half the bus does halt here. Because of which commuters living in housing colonies and apartments in and around 9 blocks housing complex bus stop especially school going children, senior citizens, women, office goers are forced to walk up to the bus stop situated at upparpally cross roads. The RTC buses of all route and services plying via this bus stop should be made to halt. Request Stop board and Bus Shelter should be constructed in both the sides of the road.

Due to the trend of voting in individual polling station areas got divulged, the electors are subjected to harassment or victimization. In this constituency except this small area locality, several other areas where the real developmental works have taken place due to voting pattern knowledge by the winning candidate as well as the government of the day. The voters say that, when the officials fail in addressing the grievances, the elected representatives should intervene in such case of discrimination.

In the above context, as such there is no cooperation from the official or elected representative's side, I on behalf of the residents of the housing complex request for funding of amount from your office for the bus shelter as well as for one of the scheme of drinking water plant. Hope, if done from your offices in at least one part of the area in the country, I do hope that, the elected representatives of the respective areas will awake and do proper services to the society and utilization of their LAD funds.

A positive reply from your good office at the earliest is highly appreciable.

Yours sincerely,

Voters of Happy Homes Housing Palaces and Towers