Waiting in Life
Vinod Anand | 08 Sep 2011

Life is linked with many facets. One of them is waiting. When one moment comes, one has to decide what to do, and then immediately the it gets into the past, and the new moment comes.

THEN ONCE again one has to decide what has to be done. This process goes on in a continuous way. It is also said that “traveling is better than to arrive” because the time when you travel, you are absolutely free. You neither have any responsibility of the place from you started to travel, nor do you have any responsibility of your destination. But once you reach the destination, another destination is seen and you start to travel once again. For example when you sleep at night, you wait for the next day, and then you take your breakfast and the get ready for your job. Once you reach where you work, you do your job, and then wait for lunch.

After taking your lunch, you start working again, and finally you reach your home, and have some gossip with your family or friends. Then you wait for the dinner, and after taking dinner, you may watch TV or listen to music or even read some books if you are interested in reading. Then finally once again you go to bed and relax and then sleep, and wait for the next day. This process of waiting goes on in life. There are many examples to show that waiting is a basic aspect of one’s life. For example, when you take your lunch, you have to immediately decide what you have to eat first, and then what has to be eaten next and so on. Hence, waiting is an important facet of one’s life. Without waiting, there is nothing in life. In fact time is the greatest exogenous variable in one’s life. In other words, one has no control over time. It is fixed by God, and we have to live accordingly without wasting time no matter what comes.

According to BHAGVAD GITA, is said that “what has happened has happened for good, what is happening now is also good, and what is going to happen will also be good; God is seeing everything in everyone’s life”. Whatever you think mean something and add up to what is really missing form your life. The difference between someone who is content and someone who feels lost or even distant from their own life is realizing one thing. That thing is what is inside of you. You feel confused because you are not really connected to you; you are living only on the surface of what you are. You feel lost because you do not yet know who you are. You are waiting because your real you is absent in this life you are living. If you are not really content, it is not about something else, but about you. You are not present in your own life; therefore, you feel lost in it.

If you feel distant, hazy, confused, anxious, lost, or withdrawn, know that there is a way out of feeling this way. This is not how you are meant to live, nor do you need to any longer. All of these emotions lead to one thing, to you. If we claim these feelings as signals and realize we are not connected to ourselves, then we can begin to see who we really are. If we think we are fine and the thing that is wrong in our life has nothing to do with us, then we will continue to feel lost and distant. When we assume our problems come from a source other than us, we will continue to live in the same way.