War with Pakistan is not the solution but India must take strong decisions
HARISH DIDO | 17 Aug 2013

India has to show its worth on both fronts ? ?rigidness and softness?.

The confrontation between India and Pakistan is increasing day by day despite the fact that for the last few years, both the nations have been trying to improve the business terms and social-relationship. With the recent developments, these efforts have got a severe set-back.  In the past it has also been seen that whenever there is initiative to bring close both the nations, some thing at the international border have happened and dialogue has to be started against from ABC.


In fact, new atmosphere was being created on taking over the power by Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan and a ray of hope was also seen, to fill up the vacuum of misunderstanding between the two countries apart from the election to the 12th President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain, of India-born.   But till such time all these hopes could be turned into reality, the new questions have cropped up, with the firing incident in Poonch Sector.  There had been 57 times violations from the Pakistan’s side and in the recent attack; five India soldiers have also died.  Obviously, there has to be resentment among the people of India but they way it is being en-cashed politically, is more dangerous.

On the very second day of the monsoon session of Parliament, there was too much furore on this issue and the proceedings have to be suspended.  The Opposition was full excitement to make the government a target.  Someone is saying innocent about the Home Minister, someone is pointing out to the government as to whether it is with India or Pakistan? As to how much time government wants to learn a lesson from the past?  On the other hand, all the news channel and online portals got a chance to present this sensational news and the style of presentation especially on the electronic media was like that as if the war is going to start.  Even the invitees on the channel were directly and indirectly being asked very typical questions to utter the word of ‘war like situation’.  In fact, India is showing its weakness by not giving a befitting reply to the Pakistan and India is losing its image at the global level.  During the group discussions over the channels it could be emerged that for this very reason, India should also attack and even if the war is not to be initiated even then the local firing should be replied instantly in the same manner.

There are number of countries in the world are facing the wars and there is a hardly any example where the solution through war could have been solved.  But due to wars, the ultimately sufferer are the people who have lost their lives and their families waiting for the day for their rehabilitation.  It is not understood after seeing the pitiable condition after the wars all over the world, as to why we are interested to go in for war?


No doubt, the people are proud of the sacrifice of five Indian soldiers in Poonch Sector but the Pakistan must be asked to give explanation by creating a pressure tactics.  We should not forget, it was Nawaz Sharif’s tenure when there was a Kargil war during May and June 1999,  Parves Musharraf was held responsible. But now, Musharaff is under house arrest and Sharif is in power with a majority.  Now, if Nawaz Sharif wants to keep alive the democracy strongly in Pakistan, then it has to keep a proper control over the army and ISI.  There is not too much time left in the general elections and BJP has got a chance of downgrading the image of Congress.  But it is now the time to think in the best interest of the nation by keeping aside the political interests.  As already said, the ultimate sufferer in the atomic war between the two countries is the general public and imagination of war at this stage is foolishness. In this critical situation, India has to show its worth on both the fronts – “rigidness and softness”.