Water: The liquid that is NOT so easily available now
ISHA SHARMA | 24 Feb 2011

Water an elixir to life..the most common liquid and key to our existence ..is now hard to get!

 Water is the key to our existence.It is a stark irony of our times that while the 3/4th of the earth is covered with water but people here in Delhi is still seraching and hunting for water.The water paucity issue is back in news as people in many areas of Delhi are searching for SAFE and HEALTHY drinking water.It has eben found that mismanagement and over-exploitation is the major reason behind the water scarcity.And leaking taps,open pipes and lack of utilisation of the rain water,population  growth,the 21st century is moving towards an acute water crisis it seems.
The increasing cases of gastroentitis,typhoid, and other diseases which directly emphasise on the fact how intoxicated and unhealthy our drinking water is!Due to water crisis,fights at domestic level is quiet an common sight in the slum areas as well as porsche areas of delhia nd NCR.The day is not far when these fights take up a deadly face and lead to a third world war!
It's high time that the authorities takes up serious step against such issues.So attractive campaigns,media councelling should begin so that it helps somewhere in curbing the problem.Water-saving practices,RAIN-WATER harvesting system should begin soon and should also be included in the school curriculum which surely is a  better way out. Strict periodic checks to arrest the problem at every step and apoointing sincere and honest councellers should be appointed.