We are all a slave of social media
sarmistha neogy | 22 Nov 2011

Businesses in India use social media mainly for advertising, followed by communication with customers.

TODAY WE have all become a slave of social media. You will find it difficult to spot any one sitting idle and not fidgeting with their phone while they are travelling. The mantra, which today’s' generation follow is to be connected always.
Conveying a message today is not a difficult task, it is made possible with the help of just a click on your mouse button or through your phones.

Many companies in India and abroad are trying to take advantage of these social media sites in leveraging the sales of their business. For e.g. if Lays tomorrow comes up with two new flavours, the company will take the easy route of reaching out to the masses by opening a page on Facebook. Then in order to engage the users, interactive polls, games can be introduced on to the page.  When a user will play the game and like the company's home page. The acquaintances on the user’s friend list will also get to know and many will also join the page eventually.

These company pages on the social media sites are being handled by social media companies, who work on the behalf of their clients. These agencies create brand awareness on social network sites; engage in meaningful conversations with the members, thus value adding to a client's business.

“From earlier old marketing days, now power has shifted to consumers and they are getting smarter day by day. Consumers today don’t trust advertisement, they trust people. Now it’s time that brands and marketers realize that bond of relationship is stronger than any form of marketing” believes the young entrepreneur, Deepak Dubey, co-founder of Social Media 18.

Social Media 18 is a month old company, which is based in Mumbai. The ambience of this office is extremely cool- once you enter, you can see the walls decorated with witty quotations and funny paintings. A huge blackboard where the employees are free to write whatever they want.

The employees shouted that the best part of working here is that “You are always on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter and you can get away with it without minimizing your browser every time our boss comes in for inspection”.

“Social Media 18 offers a unique proposition of combining Search Marketing with Social Media, , which will ensure that you will always be on top of every search results, and when they reach you, you will have better Social Media strategy to engage with them further” says Deepak.

Businesses in India use social media mainly for advertising, followed by communication with customers. It thus acts like a vicious circle, we will keep on using these social networking sites, and big brands will take the help of social media sites like Social Media 18 in pushing their product.