We as people of India living in a democracy
Ayush | 09 May 2011

Our democracy has a number of loopholes. Criminals go unpunished, there is lack of political leadership, and law and order in the entire country is chaotic.

Is Indian democracy a safe haven for all criminal culprits? Democracy! What you think for that? No need to think because India is the largest democracy in the world, where we and Indian government feel s very proud to declare that. Nowadays boon is merging into bane.
Democracy is no more a boon because it?s only on papers. And we mango-people don?t have any command over frenzy surroundings. Whether we talk about rising prices of Dairy products which increasing after every 15 days and trying to take place of petroleum hikes. No govt authority is here to ease public.
On a way of development Indian govt feels proud to announce the rank of our country in developing and industrial sectors but feels shy to declare the downgraded in crime and corruption. A good part of Indian GDP is in pocket of A. Raja.
Still, we are quiet and sitting like a duck. That?s why govt has taken us granted. Either we talk about 2G or Kasab we as public taking care of their expense. Indian govt use to spend 31 crore every year on Kasab?s security what else to needed to show our strength in democracy and our watchdog true media has everything to cover apart from general topics. Please that?s enough for today otherwise probably I will goanna have hanging by neck till death in place of Kasab because it is Democracy