We can fight terrorist by terrorising them only
Satbir Singh Bedi | 07 Jul 2013

Some people say that we can fight terrorism by making our intelligence agencies more efficient and by ensuring better coordination between these agencies and the police.  Some other people say that we can fight terrorism by not raising hue and cry about terrorism i.e. by not being terrorised.
In my opinion, we cannot fight terror by not being terrorised but we can surely fight terror by terrorising the terrorists.  Any terrorist who is captured, should not be given a long trial but should be summarily shot dead.  And what is our RAW doing.  Its officers should make clandestine visits to Pakistan and Bangladesh and shoot down terrorists right in their own holes.  That would terrorise the terrorists and make them think before attacking us.  We must look at our past history and see how Shivaji put terror into the hearts of Mughals and also how Hari Singh Nalwa instilled such a sense of terror into the hearts of Afghans that the Afghan ladies in NWFP of Pakistan tell their children, "Chup Sha Haria Rangla Da" (O child, keep quiet otherwise Hari Singh Nalwa would come).  That is how we can fight terrorism.  In this connection, the following poem of Sahir Ludhianvi is also relevant:

zulm phir zulm hai, baRhta hai to miT jaataa hai

Khoon phir Khoon hai, Tapkega to jam jaayega


Khaak-e-sehra pe jame yaa kaf-e-qaatil pe jame

farq-e-insaaf pe yaa paa-e-salaasal pe jame

teGh-e-bedaad pe yaa laasha-e-bismil pe jame

Khoon phir Khoon hai Tapkega to jam jaayega


laakh baiThe koi chhup chhup ke kameeN gaahoN meiN

Khoon Khud deta hai jalaadoN ke maskan ka suraaGh

saazisheiN laaKh uRaati raheiN zulmat ka naqaab

le ke har booNd nikalti hai hatheli pe chiraaGh


zulm kii qismat-e-nakaarah-o-rusvaa se kaho

jab’r kii hikmat-e-purkaar ke eema se kaho (eema = permission)

mehmal-e-majlis-e-aqwaam kii laila se kaho

Khoon diiwana hai, daaman pe lapak sakta hai

shola-e-tuNd hai, Khirman pe lapak sakta hai


tum ne jis Khoon ko maqtal meiN dabaanaa chaaha

aaj vo kuchaa-o-bazaar meiN aa nikla hai

kahiiN shola kahiiN naarah kahiiN patthar ban ke

Khoon chalta hai to rukta nahiiN sangeeno se

sar jo uThtaa hai to dabtaa nahiiN aaeeno se


zulm ki baat hi kya, zulm ki auqaat hi kya

zulm bas zulm hai, aaGhaaz se anjaam talak

Khoon phir Khoon hai, so shakl badal sakta hai

aisi shakleiN ke miTaaoo to miTaaye na bane

aise shole k bujhaao to bujhaaye na bane

aise naare k dabaao to dabaaye na bane





Oppression is sill oppression

If it increases then it vanishes

Blood is sill blood

If it spills, it must clot.


Whether it clots on the sands of the desert

or it clots on the hands of the killer

Whether it clots on the head of the justice or around the shackled feet

or it clots on the javelin of the injustice  or on the dead body of the injured

Blood is still blood

if it spills, it must clot.


However much one lies in his hideouts,

Blood gives evidence of the executioner's chest,

Conspiracies may cover up the oppressor in lakhs of black masks

Every drop of blood will come out with a burning lamp on its palm.


Tell oppression’s useless and infamous fate

Tell cruelty’s crafty Imam

Tell the UN Security Council

Blood is mad

It can leap up to the cloak

It is an inferno, it can flare up to burn grain-stock.


The blood you sought to suppress in abattoir

Today that blood has moved out into street and the market,

It has become somewhere as ember, somewhere it has come out as a slogan and somewhere it has come out in the shape of a stone

When blood comes to flow,

It cannot be stopped by Bayonets

Head, once it is raised

Is not downed by any constitutional law.


What is there about oppression?

What is its there about its strength?

Oppression is but oppression

From beginning to end

Blood is still blood

Myriad form it can assume

it can assume  any forms,

such forms which cannot be rubbed out however hard one tries to rub them out,

such embers which cannot be extinguished however hard one tries to extinguish them.

such Slogans which cannot be suppressed however hard one tries to suppress them.