We must live in harmony with nature and avoid extremism.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 19 Aug 2013

While I am not an expert in naturopathy, study of the
science of nature and Buddhism, I have observed that
nature punishes those who disturb its balance which is
destructive of nature and does not like extremism and
Buddha's middle path is perhaps the best solution for
mankind to exist in harmony with the nature.  
Nature has two types of energy sources viz.,
non-renewable energy sources like coal, petroleum,
etc. and renewable energy sources like cow dung,
bullocks, etc.  The former type of resources are
limited in quantity as they are non-renewable while
the latter type of resources are unlimited because
they can be renewed.  So, nature wants limited use of
the former type of resources while it wants that the
latter type of resources may be used more and more. 
However, man in his greediness has sought to employ
the first type of resources not only for production of
energy but also for production of fertilizers, etc
with the result that the non-renewable energy sources
are getting depleted at a tremendous speed and wars
like the war on Iraq is being fought to acquisition of
these resources.  Nature cannot prevent war but it is
showing its displeasure with the mankind in the shape
of global warming, change of seasons, tsunamis,
earthquake etc. Moreover, the indiscriminatory use of
fertilisers is rendering the soil less fertile and so
there is a fall in the quantity of wheat, etc.
produced through the fertilisers.  Now, even Indian
Government has woken up and has started a campaign for
the use of Organic Farming which uses renewable
resources like cow dung, bio-fertilisers, etc.  It is
also putting more emphasis on renewable sources of
energy like Solar energy, wind energy, etc.
Similarly, nature calls for ecological balance to be
retained.  It does not like deforestation and is prone
to react against the building of concrete jungles as
in Delhi and Mumbai.  There is now uncertainty about
rainfall.  Now, we are having vast aberrations in the
matter of rainfall and this is affecting our
agricultural production adversely with the result that
while in the industrial field, we have achieved new
heights, not much progress has been made in the field
of agriculture so that there is skewed progress of the
nation with urban areas enjoying the fruits of
urbanization while rural areas suffering from
malnutrition, diseases, starvation etc.
Farmers are also committing suicide due to lack of
progress on the agricultural front.
Even in the matter of our personal diet, sexual
appetite, etc., nature abhors indiscriminate eating
and gluttony.  It also does not like man to use
alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. and punishes those who
resort to such things like drinking, drug-taking,
smoking, etc. with serious diseases like cancer, heart
diseases etc.  So, man has to be moderate in his
eating and even in this field, nature does like those
who are extremists in their eating and drinking
In the matter of sexual habits, nature punishes those
who are extremists or who act against nature.  It does
like polygamy and the men who visits prostitutes, have
many times to suffer from deadly diseases like AIDS. 
Similarly, it does not like unnatural acts like
masturbation, homosexuality, etc.
and punish the concerned people with various
psychiatric diseases, especially if the perpetrators
of such acts are extremists in their sexual habits.
So, to cut the long story short, Buddha's middle path
is the best.  We should not act against the nature or
exploit it too much.  This would save us from natural
calamities and diseases, etc.