We must modernise ourselves
Satbir Singh Bedi | 06 Oct 2013

We must modernise ourselves to join the club of developed countries.  In this regard, we have to help ourselves and nobody is going to help us. In fact, even God helps those who help themselves.


This is the era of computerisation and software computerised machines are going to replace the heavy machines.  The emphasis has shifted from hardware to software. Taking note of this, we must go in for development of software computerised machines in a big way. For this, we need a great deal of Research and Development in Information Technology (IT).  Fortunately, we have a large workforce in IT.  We must utilise this workforce in a big way and export our software engineering manpower.  


Secondly, we must change from non-renewable sources of energy of which we have acute dearth to renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy and sea power.  We must also change from building big dams to small dams which can be built in a shorter period of time and can give rapid results.  These small dams would also be more security-oriented.  Most of our land is unirrigated and we have to depend on rains.  We must irrigate all our land by harvesting rain water in a big way and by utilising desalinated sea water by setting up more and more desalination plants.  These plants would also give us potable water which would be safe for drinking.  At present, we have only one plant at Chennai.


We should also go in for interlinking of the rivers to see to it that all our land is irrigated.  We must not depend on chemical fertilisers but replace them by bio-chemical fertilisers and in place of chemical pesticides, we should go in for bio-pesticides.  We must do a lot of Research and Development in agriculture to push our agricultural growth.


We also have to strengthen our economic system by doing more and more Research and Development in import substitution so that we export more and import less so that balance of payment is in our favour.  We must strengthen our macro-economic system.  More importantly, we need to become honest and shun corruption so that we do not deal in black money and need currency for each transaction but do every transaction on-line to save the need for printing a lot of currency.  This way, we can really develop our nation.