We must review all our laws to make them gender neutral and helpful for a healthy society.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 18 Mar 2014

Men think that the world has become too feminist and men are being made the victim of this feminism so that more men commit suicide or otherwise suffer because of false cases of dowry deaths, abuse of women, sexual assault on women and rape etc. lodged on them. They particularly emphasise that dowry related laws as well as laws relating to rape and sexual assault etc. on women are not gender neutral and are specifically directed against the men. They hold mindset of both modern men and women responsible for this state of affairs.

 They are in fact against a society which tells big boys not to cry even if provoked to tears, defend the nation with all their might, defend the women in misery and provide sustenance and care for the family.  The women on the other hand point out that sexual assault and rape on them is the order of the day and even juveniles are involved in such cases. They say that they have to put up with drunkard men or men addicted to drugs who do not support the family and in such cases, it is the woman who has to support the family.  They also point out that dowry deaths and dowry related torture is still there and even women of elite class suffer from it. 

They say that they are nearly 50% of the population but do not have even 33% representation in elected bodies or jobs.  While men these days are allowed to have their say regarding their marriage, women have hardly any say in such matters and when she wants  to have her way, there are honour killings.  Muslim women say that men force them to wear burqa and that too of the men's colour and choice but do not keep beard as per Sharia laws. Women blame all this on the society's mindset which is still loaded in favour of men. Meanwhile nobody looks at the gloom which transgender suffer.  They are neither here nor there and are not allowed to go to schools and colleges to educate themselves.  They are forced to dance and sing and live a life of beggars.  Then there are draconian laws like Section 377 of IPC which is frequently used against them as most of them are gay because of their physique.
It is, therefore, necessary that laws are changed and made gender neutral which do not discriminate either against men or women or even transgenders.  In this connection, it may be mentioned that most of the laws are the product of British rule in India and they need to be changed.  In fact, a thorough review of various laws is required to make them gender neutral including abolition of polygamy and polyandry, the former affecting the men adversely and the latter affecting the women adversely as there are lesser women to get married to in polygamous system while there are lesser men to get married to in polyandrous system. Once the laws are changed, the mindset of the people would also change and there would not be female foeticide and sexual crimes against women or crimes against men for duping them of their possessions via the present dowry laws which must be changed  or crimes against transgenders for which Section 377 of IPC must be changed and prostitution is legalised.  The legalisation of the prostitution would also prevent the occurrence of HIV/AIDS.