Well maintained public conveniences should be present in hotels in the country
Vishnu Mohan | 24 Dec 2014

This opinion is formed seeing the reality of the situation - very few hotels in the country seem to have workable public conveniences.

One of the common public places visited by a good percentage of the population of India are hotels, be its location anywhere - either a city or a town or a district or a village level place.  These hotels can be classified to come under both the categories - organized as well as unorganized.  Under the organized category, perhaps, based on existing laws, these hotels can further be classified as coming under first category, second category, third category and so on.  Many of these hotels operate on cash transaction basis and seldom printed receipts are issued.

 It is seen only a handful of hotels in the organized category has toilets for pubic usage especially for those who visit the hotels for eating purpose.  A large number of hotels in the country do not have the facility of public toilets built in their premises.     Under the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, emphasis is laid on construction of many public conveniences.  It would be a good idea if all the hotels coming under organized category are encouraged / mandated to allocate some space in their premises for construction of toilets for public usage.  In future, whenever licenses are issued for entrepreneurs wanting to open up hotels, they should also be encouraged / mandated to open up public conveniences / toilets in their premises.  It goes without saying that these toilets need to be properly maintained.  If required, funds should be easily allocated for those hotels who wish to build public toilets in their premises with assurance of proper maintenance.  With the passing of age, many people would feel like going for toilets once they take some light or heavy food including some drinks and therefore presence of public toilets in hotels would come as a big help to such people.

In advanced countries, all the restaurants are mandated to have public conveniences in their premises.  Concerned officials can do well to study this issue and do the needful for encouraging / mandating as many hotels as possible to build public conveniences in their premises for usage of general public.