What a Blessed Child!
John F Williams | 16 Nov 2011

Lucky are the kids born on 11.11.20, at 11.11hrs.11 minutes .00.11 seconds.

Positively on 11.11,.2011 at 1100hrs.11th  minute.11th  second at 11th  fraction of a second sons and daughters must have born to lucky Mothers in this Beautiful Universe whether she belongs to Afghanistan, America, Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka,  Thailand, and West Indies, etc.

The exact timing of the birth of the New Born in particular in the remote areas/ villages of Africa/ and India is not ascertained due to the lack of Medical care/ facility. In such places a mother delivers a child at home only with the aid of a matured old lady who assists her. They are not aware about the timing part and nor they are much concerned about it. They are merely happy that a child is born in their family.

But lucky are the homes where a Girl child was born on 11.11.2011.at 11.11.11 seconds. They must celebrate the Auspicious Occasion praising the God who is kind enough to Bless the family and so the Child.

Long live these Children of God who are born on  this date/ month/year/hour/ minute/second/ fraction of the second.

May God Bless them Guide them and Protect them for ever and ever.

NOTE:- A lot of Celebrities may claim that a Child is born in their family at the above date/ timing but all is Cooked Story. They purchase even the Media. But the Real ones are unknown to the World.