What about power-water crises in non-flooded areas in Allahabad?
Vinod Anand | 23 Sep 2013

What about power-water crises in non-flooded areas in Allahabad? (Vinod Anand) The authorities concerned are rightly giving maximum attention to the task of restoring power and water supplies in the flood-hit areas. But what about listening to the woes of those who are staying in non-flooded areas? There is a sneaking fear among the residents of non-flood-hit areas that power supply is being cut in their regions and diverted to the areas where lights are being restored. No wonder such people are in a very, very angry mood. The other day a journalist received a phone call from a very angry sufferer from Drummond Road. He was using explosive and fiery language while speaking and giving the impression that not the power and water authorities but, members of the press, were responsible for their woes as well. They say that by not highlighting their suffering while smugly enjoying water-power supplies in our areas we are doing a disservice. Let me tell him and others that we are all being subjected to the same torture irrespective of where we are. I know in our house for the past four or five days the water is coming in drops. The gushing supply has disappeared. But those who have ‘boring’ done or have wells and are getting water in plenty are helping their less fortunate neighbours. If there is no electricity they use generators to run their jet pumps to extract underground water. With weather getting hotter and clouds gradually disappearing the power position may get aggravated especially after he supply restoration in all the houses which had no electricity all these weeks. But I have all sympathy for the Drummond Road sufferers. And all that I can tell them is that we are sailing in the same boat: ‘Jo tera hai vohi gham hai mera’. .