What has become of the promises of the Congress?
AL-HINDI | 20 Aug 2009

Our national Hero's still spread empty promises to the "Aam Admi". When will our "Aam Admi" realize this? When will our aam admi throw away the tolerance that he possesses.

OUR POLITICIANS still spread empty promises to the aam admi. When will our aam admi realise this? Our national big shots do not understand the statistics of environment reports, or weather reports. They just go by what the bureaucrat says. When will our aam admi throw away the tolerance that he possesses. The Indian environmentalist says you cannot cut trees and use farm land for industry, however the PM and CM say 'khalli Balli' to the Indian environmentalist ('khali balli' is an Arabic word which means just like that) and pass orders to police to kill the aam admi for the profits of industrialists. Our PM and CMs are so irresponsible that they don't understand that our country is agriculture-based. And farm land is as good as gold for the world. In Arab nations, if one guy destroys a tree he or she will be booked for Rs108 lakhs and if he is unable to pay, he will be sent to jail. We, the aam admi must put a memorandum of demands before netas.

Germany, France , and Japan have taken active measures and are almost out of recession, when actually India did not experience recession in true sense cried in front of ?Aam Admi? about recession and waste their 1 Business Year of time by sheer fear of recession. These industrialist thought that by not spending much, stopping the on going project work temporarily did a wise business thought. On the other hand Europeans and USA spend more money in India while recession and they is now owner of 25% of Indian Economy physically on records. So who lost the business, the Indian so called intelligent business house or the ?Aam Admi? of India, who are really dependant on God?s blessing, more rains, more farm land and their hard labor should not care at all for these Netas ? like, PM and CM of India. I myself am a highly educated ?Aam Admi? who does not bother for stupid and cheating PSU Bank of India, whose cost of fund is 6.35%.

These PSU Banks are more interested to provide ad-matters to IPL conducted by Film Star and Industrial and show the ?Cost of such Ad ? Matter? as cost of Fund. Why should we the ?Aam Admi? bear such cost to PSU Bank as Loan Interest? Do the PM and CM or FM or RBI do not know about this, yes, they know it but think that ?Aam Admi does not know it? ? It is a foolish idea of PM, CM, FM, RBI and PSU Bank Managers, must understand that Indian ?Aam Admi does not really depend on foolish idea of PM, CM, FM, RBI and PSU Bank Managers of Indian. So they have stopped or reduced business terms with all kinds of Financial Institution of India, specially the PSU of India. That is why Indian economy is still under so called ?Mandi Bazar? ? the Recession. But then is there really recession occurred in India in true sense. I don?t think so. More than 90 per cent of Indians are aam admi, who does not know what Recession ? Mandi Bazar is.

Just see the Food prices and they are shooting up daily, the estate prices are shooting up daily. Can this happen in a Mandi Bazaar. I think it is a height of stupidity of PM, FM, CM and the so called Indian Industrialist has waste a 1 year Business Time.Array Baba, how many people are engaged in IT industry in India and how many people are engaged in Exports. It is negligible. Yes, we did have an indirect effect of Global Recession. But because of incorrect thinking decision of our PM, FM, CMs and Industrialist, who kept the financial resource in their purse, stopped / delayed the on-going projects, did really lost 1 Business Year Time. European, Japan and USA did took this as an opportunity and invested their finance in Indian soil is now the owner of more than 26 per cent share holder of Indian Business House. So who lost we the Indian and who gained the foreign countries that made up their Business Time in this Global Recession. Whereas, the ?Aam Admi? in rural village is truly not effected at all because they believe in nature and god and don?t get lured wrongly by PM, CM, PSU Banks or Indian Industrialist, who are in true sense corrupt intelligent persons.Now, the Congress Party who promised to give food at cheaper rate is failing. They are giving excuse like No Monsoon and Pakistan is going to attack and so on?Monsoon is delayed because of scientific reasons only. More molten glaciers due to thin ozone layer because of pollution means more cold water in the sea needs more calorie for evaporation also . So the Monsoon is delayed may be it is going to spread for longer schedules than normal 4 ? 6 months.

Winter is going to reduce accordingly. And this means fewer floods, good crops throughout the season and variety of yield. So in a word God has blessed the aam admi and not Congress or PM or CM or PSU Banks or RBI or Indian Industrialist. The PM or CM or PSU Banks or RBI or Indian Industrialist must accept this fact of life and mend themselves accordingly instead of wasting their own time and energy. ?Aam Admi? cannot be called a fool, they are much more practical and possess common general knowledge, and else they cannot survive happily in this world. It is high time our educated PM or CM or PSU Banks or RBI or Indian Industrialist self develop themselves in true sense of Modern Management and try to be more Zero Defect in nature.