what is friendship???
Sakura Kinomoto | 04 Dec 2006

i am old enough to know what is friendship but i still dont know what actually is friendship!!!

I USED TO be a very naughty and quarrelsome little girl in my childhood so i was devoid of friends. Nobody used to love me not even my teachers and i used to spend very misersable days at school but somehow i always wanted to go to school because staying at home used to become too intolerable for me and i used to hate staying at home...
At school everyone used to despise me and no one would let me play with them, at home when i used to come and tell my mom about my experiences at school she always used to point out my faults.... i had begun to develop a feeling of hatred towards everyone even my mom!!!
Slowly slowly the days started speeding by and it was soon time for us to give our board exams. Now that we were leaving our school, everyone had started to forget all the differences and had resolved to become friends atleast for the last few days of our school life..........
Everyone started behaving properly with me they all showed their warm friendship towards me........... but somewhere i knew that this was all pretence and that they could never be good friends.............this feeling hurt me even more.......
Now everything is over school life has ended i have joined a different institution to further pursue my career interests. In this new place i am showing a totally different character a entirely different personality and many people have become friends but still again somewhere i dont feel the warmth of true friendship....... i feel scared when i think that they must also be pretending to be friends here...........this thought shudders me to tears...
I know i had faults but i have always tried to rectify my faults and to me a true friend should be someone who would rectify all my faults and show me the right path..
But i havent come across such a person as yet so it would be right if i say that i dont know what friendship is!!