What is good advertising?
Reetu | 26 Feb 2011

Good ddvertising can be productive and entertaining. But bad advertising or an advertisement that has brand recall for the wrong reasons can be counter-productive.

THANKS TO to my Marketing Management studies, I always thought that an advertisement was meant to be the spokesperson of a product, whose voice would echo in the minds of the consumer when he/she goes out to buy the same.
And there is no denying that we have many advertisements today which actually have greater recall value than the brand itself. All credit to the creative teams for their innovative ideas and presentation. But a coin always has two sides, so we have advertisements that seem to be completely out of sync with the product that they try to sell.
Just to mention a recent commercial about a new model launched by a famous two-wheeler brand. The advertisement two couples riding on two-wheelers and all of a sudden, which looks like an adrenaline rush or something, the pillion riders get into some seductive and suggestive jig on the road while the respective drivers coolly carry on with their driving.
It looks like a competition of some sorts between the two, which actually puts an old lady  to shame. Then the old uncle present in the frame makes her and us to realise that the dancers, with their killer looks, were trying to demonstrate that the two-wheeler has "Body Balance" capabilities.  
As if there was a dearth of advertisements showing the daredevil stunts on the road, this one seems to be the cherry on the cake. Just think from the point of view of those millions of young viewers to whom the lessons of road safety, drive carefully, don't talk on mobiles while driving on the road are spoon fed everyday at school & home. Zara Sochiye!!!!