What is true love
scsosho | 25 Feb 2011

Like many other things in the world, love is a mistaken idea. People often confuse attraction between opposite sexes as love. They call emotional attachments in relationships as love. And they take the physical act of sex as love making.

THE WHOLE confusion about love arises because we never experience truelove. Another point is that even if someone experiences truelove, he/she finds no words to explain it.
The most sordid part of it is that even if they express to their very best what love is, the readers or the listeners are not going to get it unless they experiencing it themselves, firsthand. The realized persons therefore have always refrained from telling what the truth is, much less explaining it. Some have of course tried and said it in a variety of ways.
Their innocent intent had been to help at least those who arrive in the experience, providing them the confirmation. When experience comes, the talks of the masters appear clear and straight. Before the experience, the reader taints everything he/she listens or reads, and spoils it.
Three steps are normally associated to experiencing the truth. First one is, you more or less dissociate yourself from the crowds and practice meditation. Meditation starts at the body but soon gets centered beyond mind, when it becomes the step two. Here you arrive in ‘anahat nad’, the murmuring which you experience echoing in you, and are surprised by it.
When ‘anahat nad’ becomes your constant companion, you have arrived at the doorstep to the ultimate that you will witness sooner or later, without trying. Crossing the door here, you are lost into nowhere. You become the entire cosmos.
The whole cosmos enters you. You can clearly witness everything emerging from nothingness and merging back into nothingness. Would you give any credence to a thing that has just born, is going to die in no time, only to be born again? The endless cycle of creation and destruction continues. You rather laugh at the miniscule role you have to play for the time being when living. You are a witness to the entire creation around you and its gradual diminishing into nothingness. For the first time you realize the true oneness in all, for where is the distinction in things mortal.
For the first time you experience love, a common bond with everybody and everything around you. The great spiritual masters were not tending the sick for a place in the heavens in return; they simply asserted temporariness of things, showing how to journey through this space – allowing compassion in every direction. No sooner it will be all over and another journey would start somewhere again.
True love is not for someone or for my own people; it is universal, for one and all. Take the first step, practice meditation and love will be yours, soon. Love all.