What name you will give to a person with such deeds
John F Williams | 07 Aug 2012

We indeed appreciate the noble deeds of Mr A and wish others to follow his foot-steps.

MR A while posted at a small town used to visit a family very often. One day his friend’s wife said that Mohini is just back from hospital but does not eat anything. Mr A just prayed over her and went out of the house. The next day he was told that Mohini after he left demanded various eatables.

Mr A was habitual of visiting the civil hospital as and when free and will pray over at each and every ward.

Once his Muslim friend asked him to see his ailing son there. Mr A when approached the bed where a young lady was crying and other ladies were holding her arms/ legs and forehead, prayed over her and when reached 4th Bed a Muslim lady got up to wish and he could make out who was she was and after finishing his round came out. The next day the Muslim gentleman told Mr A that after he left the crying lady went silent as the boiling milk calms down once the burner is switched off.

Similarly once A had gone to a nearby village and observed a crowd near a hut of the blacksmith and found ladies were around the ailing/ crying young girl. Mr A prayed over for a few seconds and went away. On return after half an hour he saw that there was no crowd and the girl was lying down on the cot quietly and peacefully.

Once a Nani of a young girl aged 15 or so asked Mr A to pray over her since she had very frequent fits and doesn’t go to school even.

Mr A asked her to repeat a Prayer after him and went away. The Girl returned to her home and later after years it was told that she not only fully recovered but joined School, finished her X Standard, got married and has now children also.