What next is the sign of positive change!
HARISH DIDO | 03 Sep 2017

Yes, we have seen that change is the law of nature. In the process of nature, every moment something is happening. Everything is changing its position even of fraction of second. The long span of line on planet earth has travelled from uncivilized living to civilize. A man, besides tremendous amazing developments almost in every sphere, has even stepped on the moon.

Advocating the need for change, old order must change to give place to the new and these orders include – our customs, lifestyle, habits and above all our thinking which is the driving force.  All these must change with the passage of time.  It is certain that in case they don't change, our whole system is likely to become corrupt and create obstructions in the way of progress.

Let us see from other angle, when an individual or a society or the system does not change, everything stagnates and the system starts moving towards rotting. One must change with the circumstances.  Going against the system is not the solution but fighting with the circumstances with new opportunities and ideas, is.

In fact, Indian society has not changed, we are still following the old traditions of beaten track and this is the reason India has not progressed to the extent it should in comparison to other countries, even small countries like Singapore. 

No doubt, we are modern in our thoughts but don't look for the means of giving them a practical shape. 

The progress of any country depends on the new means from within the available resources by maximum utilization of its workforce.  The present way of thinking and working have out-lived their utility and hardly serve any useful purpose in this age of technology where anything can happen with the click of the mouse or pressing of the button if there is war like situation with cyber attacks, atom bombs, rockets, chemical war.  Anything can happen, beyond your expectations. If we don't change, we can't walk with others on the road to progress and it becomes weaker every day and finally die its own death.

 For the present generation, which has seen right from the television to latest technology of mobile, say 1976 to decade back, the world is rapidly changing and it is becoming faster day by day.

Frankly speaking, merely talking and discussing would not suffice; something concrete has to be completed.  Each one has to put the question 'What next' to him before stepping in further.

I recollect, when I read R.L.Tata's history, it is said that when he met a young man, he did not ask him about his past, he used to ask him, what your future plans are?.  What next was his question to everyone which can only help for the development in the coming times?

I also quote here from the diary of GCM, Chairman, PDM Memorial Foundation written in Urdu – There is no using of going to temples, mosques, churches, gurdwaras or any other worship places, if we don't come out with a deep-seated change in yourself.

So the change in the human nature is more important which should also take place every moment but in right and prosperous perspective. Only then the real meaning of putting of question – What Next? – A sign of positive change -  to yourself would be served.

Over to readers with a question 'What next?"