What security norms for grandchildren of bureaucrats
John F Williams | 02 Dec 2011

Government machinery should not be wasted at any cost while providing security to people who don't need it.

WE UNDERSTAND that the grandchildren of our Hon’ble Congress President, Ms Sonia Gandhi are  provided full security. We are not aware under which Article / Act of the Constitution, it is approved or governed.

Will this system of providing security to the Grand-children will be available / applicable to all the Presidents of all the other parties, and even the Opposition? Or it is applicable to the president of the ruling party only? Can any reader throw some light in regard to the legal aspect as per the Indian constitution in this case?

Ms Sonia Gandhi also happens to be a member of parliament. Are all the MPs of our parliament also entitled to this privilege of having security for their grand children? In case all the MPs are entitled security for their Children / Grand-children? Imagine, we have to engage battalions and battalions of security personnel to meet the demand of our Hon’ble MPs. These personnel like the Army will draw ration and salary from Defence/Police while their services are only engaged to take care of Grandchildren and MPs of the country.

Why can’t our government come out with a scheme to oblige our leaders? Politicians and other bureaucrats to have these personnel for security purpose but they may be asked to shell out a percentage to pay Salary / Perks of the security personnel. Isn’t it a shame on the part of our system to introduce all these malpractices? Our government should immediately put a NO to such a system and withdraw the facility, if provided, to Ms Gandhi and others.