when strangers matter
prasanta chingangbam | 31 Oct 2010

the importance of having someone by your side, even if he/she is a total stranger.

                  when strangers matter

I was deadly tired as usual after the long class session, and the long walk from the institute to the bus stand. As I tried to cross the road, a car went by, missing me by half an inch, I was in the middle of the road not knowing whether to go back or forward, my mind was running wild with the fear of being hit by a car or being crushed by a bus, then someone grab me by my hand and pull me to the other side of the road, she was smiling at me at the same time trying to catch up her breath after the rushed, I too was out of breath actually. We just stood there for a while, neither of us speaking a word, then after a few second both of us cracked up in a loud laugh, I know it’s not funny to be missed by an inch from being run over by a car, but I can say I was really lucky. Not knowing what to say, I just thanked her for saving my life and confessed honestly about the fear I went through, on hearing that she laugh out loud again, and said that she was trying to cross the road for almost about half a hour, then she show me trying to cross the road and followed me thinking I’ll lead her on, I tried really hard not to laughed again but can’t stop myself, both of us laugh aloud again, everyone around started looking at us so we stopped and remain silent, just then the bus arrived and I get in it, she was still standing there as she have to go on a different route, I just wave my hand . It really matters when we have someone by our side, even if they are strangers.     


                                                                                                   prasanta chingangbam