When will be a train to Hazaribagh?
Mamta karua | 15 Nov 2009

It would be a dream comes true for the people of Hazaribagh if they can see a small railway station in their town. There is so much development is happening all around but it is one of the major areas where the state is lagging behind.

IT'S BEEN eight years of the formation of Jharkhand, once a part of Bihar. This is not unknown that Jharkhand is a rich mineral belt but there is lack of other factors that makes the state downtrodden. The connectivity within the state and outside is deplorable. Due to which people have started migrating for education and employment to other neighboring states but that does not really solve the problem.
It’s a shame that a city like Hazaribagh does not see a railway station. The oldest Binobha Bhave University, National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary and many other tourist spots are located here. But because of bad condition of road, infrastructure and law and order, percentage of tourists is falling year by year.
For the resident of the town, it’s a bane that they are left with only one mode of transportation that takes a lot of valuable time and money. On this ground it should not be forgotten that the condition of state roads are always unnoticed by the authorities.
After so much of fall & rise in the state government, the conditions of state highways are unimagined. The dug holes not smaller than a well could be seen all over the state. The former railway minister’s has been always from Bihar but they have not given a single thought of connectivity which is always a need of the common people.
The nearest station for them is Koderma & Ramgarh. There is a station named Hazaribagh Road which is completely far from the city that can hardly bring some relief to the daily commuters. This half heartedly work was done during the election. “It is like a dream to see trains running through this place. Its only we know how much difficulty and strain we take when we just think of traveling out of this city” added Neha Singh, a resident of the city.
Even these days the rising threat of naxalites in the closest areas of hazaribagh is also becoming unsafe to travel day and night. Though this time also, the railway minister is from the eastern side but its now under imagination whether the problem can be noticed out or left out for more five years.