where there is will there is a way
sweta | 24 Mar 2011

No doubt, that "where there is a will, there is a way". Willing and Will Power is the greatest driving force in human being. It always help him to overcome all the difficulties in life. Willpowers most essential or important part of success in every individuals life. It unable a person to find a way to overcome obstacles in his path. He continues his journey towards his chosen aim even after the way is full of stones. But, a man is determined to attain his objective is not disheartened by failures. An individual should not lose his heart or hope during adversities.

As the saying is "The real essence of life lies in struggle" Determination help a human being in his endeavor. It provide him an inspiration to achive success. A wise man accepts challenges that life give him in his path with very clam and cool mind. Our ancient scriptures also advocate that one should do his duty with determination and calmness and should have a firm determination to strive and win in life. Many great personality won success by there sheer determination and oneness of purpose. Mahatma Gandhi fought for the blacks in South Africa and his strong willpower helped India to be an independent nation from colonial rule.

People are same but, objectives are different as every human being have the same red blood in their body but again the thing is there thinking and aim in this web of life. Goals may range from career in administration, engineering, law, management, journalists etc to entrepreneurships. Every individual achieve success by their extreme stronger willpower.

Even, physically challenged have achieved success only through their higher aspiration and willpower and determination in life. Some examples are like Beethoven is deaf before he composed his 'Ninth Symphony'. John Milton wrote 'Paradise lost' after become blind. Louis Braille was also a blind educationist. He introduced the Braille script for blinds. Another is very famous Bharatnatyam dancer and an actress Sudha Chandran who has an amputated leg with artificial limb. As in the case of patients too, a patient with strong will power can get cured or well earlier or live longer than a similar patient with weak willpower and determination. Thus, the person of willpower can overcome physical disabilities in the pursuit of his aim in life.

Many discoveries of unknown land was made only by those who has strong desire and willpower. It a spirit of man which enable him to climb Mount Everst and also able to go in the depth of ocean. He explored space and launched on moon. Major and dynamic changes were made in the fields of technologies. The achievements of mankind’s till date are the products of strong will which the person is carring internally.

However, not more than 30% people do become victim of adverse circumstances. The efforts are hardly rewarded with sucess.They become dispirited, disillusioned, disheartened.   They lose will to fight. They become pessimistic in their attitudes. but, they should not lose heart because success always follow failuer.Failuer are the stepping stone to success. Night is always followed by the day, so one should not loss hope.

An individual should try hard to archive his aim in life. Success should not restricted to a few it can be achieved anyone who dares to go for it. A person should have positive approach towards life and themselves. Moreover, patience, commitment, to objectives and perseverance certainly yield rich dividends. There are many who undergo despair, failure and defeat. But their determination to win and achieve takes them always in the front line and front desk of life.