White Christians were far more cruel than the present-day ISIS whom we dread so much
Satbir Singh Bedi | 13 Mar 2015

White Christians who ruled most of the countries on this holy planet at one point of time, were far more cruel than the present-day ISIS whom we dread so much and who want to establish an Islamic Caliphate. Moreover, the Sunni-Shia sectarian fights killing thousands of persons pales into insignificance when compared to the Catholic-Protestant warfare between the white Christians in the medieval period.

To begin with Henery VIII of England put to death thousands of Catholics of England, all whites, just to have his marriage with a new queen validated. And then his daughter from the first wife, Bloody Mary when she became the Queen of England got so many protestants killed for supporting divorce of her father from her mother.

In France, Joan of Arc was burnt at stake. In the Spanish inquisitions, so many people were got killed. A person who had become a Muslim by virtue of his forefather having become a Muslim five hundred years ago, was asked either to become a Christian again or face the gallows.

Such was the cruelty of White Spanish Christians. Then the European Christians occupied Americas; both North and South; and sent to death all but a few of the original inhabitants called Red Indians. This also happened in Australia where the original inhabitants were quickly despatched to heaven.

In Africa, people were made slaves by Portugese, Spanish, French and English people and forced to work in the hot conditions of the lower America, both in North and in South. The black ladies were not only subject to cruelties alongwith the black males but were raped or otherwise sexually abused. In this connection, the autobiography of Booker Washington, who was the son of a White Plantation owner and a slave mother is revealing.

In Asia, people were subjected to famines because cash crops were forced to be grown in place of foodgrains. People protesting against the English rule were killed and tortured in India and elsewhere. Jallianwala Bagh massacre is just an example of it.

Even now, these White Christians consider themselves to be superior to black, brown and yellow people and use all allurement to get the natives belonging to Hindu religion, etc. converted to Christianity.