White Gold Burger
Dil Nawaz | 08 Feb 2007

Global indians, Shilpa Gate in Uk and Gutam Prasad "Ghandhi" are two very Bad Examples of Indians at receiving end of Western cultural dominance and Racism, Will the Indian Civil Society Fight Back aganist Imperialist Foreign and Cultural Policies of USA

Be Afraid, be very afraid of future and of the progress. I talked about a template of terrorism on Mumbai Trains, being copycat all over the world with franchises available for little investment. But there is terrorism greater than physical terror and its called psychological warfare.
Integration, immigration, terrorism, alienation, democracy, extremist, fundamentalism have all become easy labels to stick on our friends or foes, depending if you are a right wing American fundamentalist Christian (read Church of Great Satan GW Bush), or Muslim fundamentalist, but these labels mean little in true sense and have lost their worth by shifting of goal posts in international law and human rights by superpower USA.
American "BPO" Investment and comming democrates Government "anti Indian Outsourcing" policies preserving jobs in US and preventing Job creation in Bangalore.
I talked about these many a times so instead I would want to talk about “White Gold Burger”, I know it reminds one of a song with similar title but I would like to split it in three to elaborate the point I am trying to make White, Gold & burger. That probably sums up the political, economic and social dispensation of our world.
White (Caucasians & Zionists) elite middle aged men control the politics and economics of our world from G-8, NATO, EU, OPEC, and UN to USA (the biggest democratic farce under Neo Con Administration), needless to say that aforementioned bodies are more or less in Subservience to latter i.e. USA under Neo Cons (Cons that are looting and plundering and corrupting) destroying every credible international and domestic institution which can offer any resistance to their Long-term objectives of new American Century (may be establishment of a Nazi-Zionist Fourth Reich with Capital at a ranch in Crawford Texas).
Gold, if the previous paragraph was an eye opener for any diehard pacifists or peaceniks, who might still be optimistic about future survival of human race, wait until I elaborate Cons Modus operandi to control World Economies and that’s gold not exactly bullion but the greed that corporations controlled by this group of men espouse, gold is black gold (crude oil & petroleum, energy and technology infrastructure), paper gold (dollar, euro Loans and debts given by World Bank and IMF to the poorest Countries of this World with crippling interest rates and conditionality) and White Gold (drug trafficking enforced selectively to gain control on Politics and monetary resources of a country, Afghanistan is a prime example, and medicine and pharmaceutical companies by letting millions die of Aids in Africa to increase profits) and last but not the least Green Gold ( Agriculture Subsidies for first world ,trade barriers for Third World farmers and Pollution and carbon emission from first world suffocating rest of the Globe).
Burger, it’s the hearts and minds of six billion inhabitants of our global village. Psychologically making us submissive and compliant to rules of the great game. Before you accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, let me explain, the advent of Mc Donald’s Burger King franchises in the farthest corners of globe (hundred in indian Metros), outsourcing bubble, coke and Pepsi and starbucks, Las Vegas style super casinos, American education and Hollywood and American TV soaps & news promoting standard set of values, behavior and culture to all corners of globe so the end result would be highly programmable robot sapiens (not humans) behaving and thinking what a super state entity dictates. A social and economic apartheid, which will be permanent. Be Afraid, be very afraid of what is being dumped on us labeled as future and progress. Its only White Gold Burger.