Who was responsible for partition of India!!!
Chandramani | 05 Sep 2009

We should move forward from finding reason of partition of India and find way to correct it.

“Who was responsible for partition of India”, it’s hot topic of debate these days.
All views what ever I read so far appears great. But the point is, is it ay use? What we going to gain by establishing, whether J.L.Nehru, M.A.Jinnha or somebody else was/were responsible for partition. One can go on and on and talk this as a planned move by the out going ruler to see a week India, who used these people as pupate to achieve this objective.

The partition is a deep wound which is pinching not only to India but to Pakistan and Bangladesh also. Can we widely discuss and try to find a solution about it. Can we think of greater political and economic co-operation among these countries? Can we imagine living in a union of these countries where we can utilize our energy towards developing better infrastructure for education, health care and social security instead of spoiling others peace?

Let us also be clear in our mind that these moves can not be expected from our politicians as this will harm their personal interest. It is easier for these politicians to create divide among people in name of faith, cast, religion etc. and rule, be it applying so called religious rule to govern (as happening in many part of Pakistan), talking about minority/majority, backward/forward (widely visible in India). There is no political will to develop a rule of land for humanity, which does not distinguish two individuals on any basis and provides same ground for all to play. A person can not be forced to adhere to the rule set by so called religious leaders if it is against humanity.