Who was responsible for the creation of Pakistan?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 01 Aug 2013

Who was responsible for the creation of Pakistan? Some
would say that it was the British empire and Mohd. Ali
Jinnah who were responsible for partition of the
country and creation of Pakistan.  Others would put
the blame on Nehru and Gandhi.  Still others may
insist that Veer Savarkar and Hindu extremists were to
be blamed for partition.  However, if you ask me, my
reply would be that we (both Hindus and Sikhs) were
responsible for the creation of Pakistan and division
of the country.  
I know that many people would be surprised by my above
noted reply.  They would surely protest against it. 
However, let us look at the relations between Hindus
and Sikhs on one hand and the Muslims on the other
hand in pre-partition India to arrive at the truth and
find the genesis of partition.
The Hindus and even Sikhs of the pre-partition India
under the British empire despite Sikh Gurus'
egalitarian instructions,  did not partake food with
Muslims in a normal way.  The Hindus and Sikhs
discriminated against the Muslims in the sense that
they kept separate utensils for the latter for
drinking or eating in the former's houses. Separate
utensils were also kept for Scheduled Castes for
eating or drinking in Caste Hindus or Sikhs' houses. 
So, Muslim felt gravely insulted at this
discriminatory treatment meted out to them.  The
reason given by the Hindus and Sikhs were that the
Muslims took Halal meat in which the animal is killed
slowly reciting Kalma, a verse from Koran while the
former took Jhatka meat in which the animal is killed
instantaneously.  However, this argument did not
convince Muslims and they felt annoyed at such a
discriminatory treatment. (This practice is no longer
in vogue in Present day India.  However, it was
abandoned only after it had done its work of damaging
India and partitioning it.)
Then, there was exploitation on grand scale of Muslims
who were mainly agriculturist in what is now called
Pakistani Punjab and Sindh by the money lending Hindus
and Sikhs as the money was mostly in the hands of the
latter who belonged to money lending class called
"Shahs".  These money lenders who were mostly Hindus
and Sikhs fleeced the Muslim agriculturists like
anything and this also led to feelings of ill will
against the former.  Even then, the Muslim peasantry
in  Muslim majority Punjab and Sindh as well as
Balochs and Pathans were not in favour of partition of
India.  They actually did not want Pakistan but the
Muslim intelligentsia in Punjab, UP, Sindh and
elsewhere educated mainly at Aligarh Muslim University
led by Muslim trading class intellectuals like Mohd.
Ali Jinnah did not like the above noted discriminatory
treatment against the Muslims and joined hands with
the British imperialists to partition the country
while simultaneously awakening the Muslims about the
treatment meted out to them by Hindus and Sikhs.
The above was the case in Punjab and Sindh but the
same sort of treatment was being given to Muslim
peasantry which happened to be in majority in East
Bengal by the Hindu landlords.  So, the partition of
the country took place and Pakistan was created
comprising East and West Pakistan. The British
imperialists were too happy to partition the country
as Hindus and Sikhs on the one hand and Muslims on the
other hand killed each other in millions while the
British imperialists were able to leave the country
without any retaliation for their 100 to 200 years of
repressive misrule.