Why does our system discriminate between rich and poor?
John F Williams | 12 Dec 2011

It is appalling to see our system - media, police and politicians favouring rich at the cost of poor people. Is India home to only rich and corporate?

TWO CASES of Kidnapping in Noida and Delhi- so same yet so different. Anant returns home but how about Uday who too was kidnapped (HT, Delhi-17.11.2006). Uday is a resident of a Juggi, Priyadarshini Colony Sadar Bazaar, Delhi so must be a poor guy and low income group while Anant is a son of a CEO of Adobe India.

In case of Uday , FIR No 305 was only lodged on 01.10.2006 meaning by there was no trace of him till the date of publication of this HT report while there was a vast TV and Press coverage in every corner of Noida/ almost entire UP.

 In case of Anant even Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh assured that he will be traced out shortly as if he was aware about his whereabouts. But in case of Uday not a single word from any corner and you never know the policemen on duty must have asked even the parents to shell out some money before FIR was lodged.

 Uday’s parents must have grumbled and must have even begged to lodge a complaint, while in case of Anant, top police officials were available within no time. Anant’s dad is a CEO while Uday’s father comes from a very low income group. Anant’s family distributed cash and kind after he was rescued while Uday is yet to be traced. Anant’s house has been provided with a police force to safe guard him and the family.

 Anant and Uday both have red colour blood, to the best of my knowledge. Anant and so Uday have parents and both are god-gifted children to their blessed mothers. Anant and Uday both have brothers and sisters, etc.

 Why there is such a big gap between the rich and the poor. Do our media, police and the politicians only operate for the rich and if so, why?

 It is really very shameful to see such discrimination between the rich and the poor. At least any common citizen of free India will always appreciate the discrimination created by our system, the Police, Media and the Politicians.