Why identity of the Official remained undisclosed?
John F Williams | 10 Dec 2011

We need to be actively involved in gathering the information and use RTI act to make sure that our system becomes transparent. In this case involving a top airport official, one wonders what action has been taken.

A SENIOR International Airport Official was caught by the Customs department while carrying radar in his baggage without the license and the proper documents. It has been reported that since it was not a criminal offence to carry the radar, so the officer was let off after questioning but the radar was confiscated.

There is no embargo of buying it but the questions that create doubt in the minds of a common man need to be answered. Why this official was carrying it? Why he didn’t disclose it as a part of his baggage? Whom he brought it for? What was the name of this Senior Official? What disciplinary action was proposed against this unidentified Officer?

The last and the most important controversial point is what made the Press Reporter not to disclose the identity of the Official? Is he under threat? Any political pressure or otherwise his identity must have been disclosed to the Public.

Is there any chance of conducting a departmental enquiry against this Official under Code of Conduct? Now the world is changing, everything is possible if your efforts are sincere. A Common man is no longer a common man; he must exercise his/her power and knowledge to achieve it.

Such incidents at high level dignitaries are common nowadays and no one wants to disclose the identity as they feel not necessary, that's our fate. Under RTI Act the transparency can too be challenged but only problem with us is that we are too lethargic and do want to chase up the issues.

Our media has a great role to play; they are the backbones to work under RTI Act in case they want to do so. The media should not have covered the case if they wanted to hush up the issue. Why for everything we refer to the Supreme Court and CBI, they are supposed to handle the issues of great importance and not each and every case of the country on daily basis.

The only result is not the issue but we ought to have the guts to raise our voice. Why deviation? Media must be clean as Crystal Water.