Why is Facebook behaving like wannabe Google+?
reezu kaushik | 24 Sep 2011

Facebook's new look ripped apart.

MAYBE THEY are getting bored and now and want to do some programming so they are making unnecessary changes because of, which it all looks too loaded. Even my cursor seems to struggle to find non-clickable space, wonder how it'd be like for touch screen phone users or Tab users who want to scroll the page without hitting some link.

However I like the way how Facebook displays the photos in the news feed now; Tells you a story, and the Ticker is also nice - very stalker friendly. Yeah it’s kind of hard not to look at it when you don't want to but it’s just amazing Zuckerberg is after all a kid and kids do make mistakes.

And I wonder why is there a stamp-post of my display pic in the top-right corner of my window? If it does the same job as when I click on my name beside it, why the pic then?

Moreover if you hover over any of the updates in ticker - it expands the whole story and makes it easy to add comments. LIVE participation. And dude if played right ticker could be a complete game changer for Facebook. Think of the increase in user- involvement on Facebook every time one logins more the participation more the addiction.

But I hate this ticker. The gravity of the situation is that they are getting business from this ticker, the more I see, the more I click, the more other people will follow, the more they’ll sell. But what nonsense it is, there has to be a limit to that. It feels irritating with all this overload of things!

This is my wall. So no trespassing and you know an even more irritating thing about this Facebook’s new look is that I cannot remove anything while editing my info. And yes, "Subscribe" thing is an even more stupid idea! I am just guessing what are they trying to achieve?! Google+ and Twitter and FB all in one or a “You Tweet in My Face”!!!

In recent times Facebook has changed appearance so many times, that it could have its own Switzerland song in a Yash Chopra film. Its Funny but true and It all seems to fit-in well and I don't see it backfiring for Facebook either. They might lose you as a user and that is also debatable cause you might not be able to quit it and that’s why Facebook insists on trying to fix what isn't broken or If it ain't broke, break it is there mantra now. Their business model these days is If at first you DO succeed, try, try again.