Will Secular Members of BJP Please Split and Form a New Party

An RSS dominated BJP has no chance in the next elections. Secular members of BJP must split and form a new party BJP (Secular) and give secular Indians an alternative to Congress to vote for.

Will the Secular Members of BJP Please Split and Form a New Party By Col Bhaskar Sarkar VSM (Retd)  HYPERLINK "http://www.bhaskarsarkar.com" www.bhaskarsarkar.com ;  HYPERLINK "http://www.twitter.com@COLSARKAR" www.twitter.com@COLSARKAR The RSS has recently given up its pretense of being an apolitical organization dedicated to social upliftment of Hindus and announced its ambition of gaining political power through the BJP. It has tried to display its hold on the BJP leadership by nominating Mr. Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate. It has also directed its affiliates, the Sangh Parivar to assist the BJP in election campaigning, mustering voters and booth management. The RSS is doing this because it believes that the Congress is at its weakest and this is the best opportunity for the RSS to gain political power and push its agenda of making "Bharat" a Hindu State and Hindutva as its culture. The RSS move has dismayed the secular Indians who support BJP and put them in a quandary as to whether to vote for BJP. It has prompted its long term ally JDU to leave the NDA. It has made it difficult to forge pre election alliances and post election coalitions. Many like me believe that an RSS dominated BJP with Modi as its prime ministerial candidate will not get 100 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections. Secular supporters of BJP will have no option but to vote for the Congress as there is no national alternative to the Congress. The Communists, with their rigid ideology, have lost their pan India appeal. The Aam Admi Party is an unknown quantity. There are many reasons why the BJP should split into BJP (Secular) and BJP (Hindutva). Some are listed below: Mixing Religion with Politics is Dangerous Muslims have been trying to have religion influence politics and governance. Taliban did it in Afghanistan and sent the country's development backward by a century at least. We have seen the effects of religion dominating politics in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt where Muslim Brotherhood have sized power in elections. In Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood dominated government are slowly doing away with secularism and imposing restrictions on women, drinking and other personal freedoms. This has resulted in protests. In Tunisia and Egypt it has created social unrest, violence and chaos. I have no doubt that if RSS gains political power, it will start chipping away at our secularism and try Hindu Talibanization of our society. We Must Respect the Demographic Reality India has about 15 percent Muslims and about 3 percent Christians. That means that there are about 180 million Muslims and about 36 million Christians in India. The numbers are too large to be ignored. We have to learn to respect all religions and life styles and live in harmony. Otherwise there would be no peace or progress. The Sangh does not Accept Women as Equals Women are almost 45 percent of the population and voters. They cannot be ignored. But the Sangh does not accept women as equals. In Hindu culture, women are not persons but things. That is why they are given away (Kanyadan) at the time of marriage along with cash (Dakshina). A woman is not supposed to return to her parents till she died. A woman is supposed to obey her father till marriage, her husband after marriage and her son if she becomes a widow. She is not supposed to be educated and is required to be a house wife at the service of her in-laws. Women are not members of the Sangh. There is a cosmetic Durga Bahini but their members are rarely seen or heard. Sangh does not like women as chief ministers. They got rid of Uma Bharti in Madhya Pradesh. They reportedly ensured defeat of Vasundhara Raje in the last elections. They are against Sushma Swaraj being made the prime ministerial candidate. They are against giving one third of the seats to women. Like the Taliban, the Sangh wants women in "purda" and at home. If Sangh gains political power, moral policing will increase and women will have to marry according to the wishes of the parent whether the groom is a doddering old man or unacceptable to the girl due to looks, level of education or any other reasons. No Party Can Form a Government on its Own Given the diversity of India and current trends, no party will be able to form a government on its own. No party other than AIDMK and Shiromani Akali Dal will align with a Sangh dominated BJP with Modi as prime ministerial candidate. But BJP (Secular) will not be untouchable and will have a better chance of forming a non Congress government. Conclusion It is always safe for BJP leaders to play second fiddle to the Sangh and maintain a low profile. It ensures personal security and perks. But if the secular members of BJP are secular at heart and believe that RSS ideology and Hindutva is not the right approach to govern India, they must muster courage, leave the BJP and form a new party. That way you will give secular Indians and women an alternative to corrupt and arrogant Congress to vote for. RSS and the Sangh are great organizations in their own right. They are patriotic and torchbearers of Hindu culture. They have a glorious record of service to the Hindu society. I respect them for what they are and what they have done. They should stick to their role serving Hindu Society and stay away from politics and governance.