Will Telangana be the 29th state of India
Bolla Alekhya | 04 Oct 2013

According to sources, a union cabinet note on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, has been prepared on Wednesday night, which says that Hyderabad will be the capital of Telangana. The note leaves the option open for Andhra Pradesh, reported CNN-IBN.

It is also expected that, the cabinet is likely to form a group of ministers, to look into the issue of bifurcation and the issues associated with it. This process will start after sending a resolution to Andhra Pradesh Assembly, stating about the formation of the new state.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, who is strictly against this bifurcation talks to the media about it and says, “I believe the Cabinet note is not on the agenda. It may come as a table item. But we will wait for the Cabinet decision. The party may win or lose an election, but the bifurcation will be a big loss for the entire state and all people. There will be a severe power shortage. Naxal movement might see a return. Water distribution will be a problem. Hyderabad is a hub for health facilities and education,” reported Zee News.

On the other hand, TRS leader, Keshav Rao, was happy with the cabinets note on Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and says that, he has no objection in sharing Hyderabad as a joint capital, but he was against sharing power with Andhra. He said, “Hyderabad will be the capital. And we will give Andhra facility to operate from Hyderabad if they want this for another 10 years. That is alright. But if they think of another place like Punjab or Chandigarh or Delhi where law and order will be in the hands of the Governor, revenues will be shared and the education will be kept in the hands of Governor, this is not possible.”

After announcing the decision of a separate statehood to Telangana by the congress. There is a protest being conducted every day, the normal life of people has been disturbed, all the educational institutions and commercial establishments are closed for almost two months. Now all the hopes of the people of Andhra pradesh are tied up with the cabinet note.