Will the budget tinge the economy or fool the economy?
Prativa Rathi | 02 Mar 2015

In his first railway budget rail minister, Suresh Prabhu deemed to be more concerned for the public convenience and the facilities that will be availed to the public. Prabhu's proposals focus on passenger friendly facilities like provision of wi-fi facility in 400 stations, user friendly ladders for upper berths, and the middle berth permanently booked for ladies and elder citizens.

In augment to that there will be 1700 bio-toilets and placements of CCTVs to ensure women safety. Now the reserved tickets can be booked four months in advance (from two months earlier) and those who have not booked the ticket can purchase it within five minutes.

Former rail minister Mamta Banerjee, who is now chief minister of West Bengal, quoted the proposal as "an attempt to fool people".

Looks Suresh Prabhu has attempted to revamp the old trains with all the facilities that would be availed in the forthcoming trains in near future.

However seeing the current scenario of the economy where a majority of population is dependent on agriculture for two square meals, the railway budget happens to be an unachievable availed service.

The free Wi-Fi domain or message alerts still would not be at their leisure as the majority population is still not accustomed to the techno maniac world.

Cameras for women safety could be misused as there held an argument to dissent the placement of cameras. Is the proposal actually an evolution or again a retrograding step for the majority of population?