Wind energy can save power costs by 80 per cent
Emiley David | 26 Feb 2011

A source of earth-friendly energy is wind energy. Most people utilize wind energy as a substitute power source for fossil fuels, and this can reduce their electricity consumption up to 80 per cent.

Earth friendly energy is the energy which is utilized from earth resources without harming it. There are so many ways to contribute this energy like solar and wind energy.  Also hybrid power energy that is the combination of solar and wind energy aimed to generate more electricity. This earth friendly energy saves earth from global warming and unexpected weather changes. This kind of renewable source of energy maintains the ecological balance.
For the last few years, much of the innovation around solar technology has been aimed at to generate more electricity from sunlight. But a new crop of entrepreneurs is working to use the sun more efficiently by utilization of its light and heat very well. For individual business, factories and even homes and as solar prices continue to fall and conventional electricity prices remain low, companies are looking for several ways to outstand from the competition and to do more with less, such as boosting the value of solar power.
There are two types of solar energy that is direct and other is indirect type of solar energy. Among which direct type of solar energy is energy that generates directly from sunlight and indirect type in which plant utilize sun energy and convert it into chemical energy including carbon. This is one of the best green sources of energy that gets its energy directly from the sun.
Utilising solar powered energy panels, the energy from sun rays turns into direct current (DC) electricity. On collecting the sunlight's energy, two slices of oppositely charged silicon put together below the part of solar panel glass and if the protons of the sun rays knock the negatively charged neurons from the silicon then the electric field will be produced because of the two adjoining pieces of silicon, which attracts the neutron.
Then the small pieces of wires that are in the solar energy panels catch the neutrons which enable it to create direct current electricity and these wires will be connected to an inverter to change the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) which we are using inside our homes.
One more source of earth friendly energy is the wind energy. Most people utilize wind energy as a substitute power source to fossil fuels and this can reduce their electricity consumption up to 80%. Wind energy uses wind generators or pin wheels to collect and produce energy that may be sent through wires, which then switches it into electric power to power anything necessary. Wind turbines or pin wheels don't require much maintenance and that is the reason why the only charge with this wind power is those costs on constructing and setting up the turbines.
So you don't have to waste more cash because wind turbines enable you to reduce or lessen your energy charges and it will lead us to a greener and healthier world. Hybrid power energy helps in utilizing less energy and generates more electricity, also it takes less maintenance.