Wine In Style
Thashneem Sunil | 08 Feb 2014

Drinking wine has so many reasons apart from alcoholic content!!!

From grape to glass – Oh!!! Wine is a marvel. The liquor outlets are called wine shops in a colloquial way in many parts of India. Nowadays, one feels posh when they pronounce the word “Wine”. It is a drink which is mostly consumed in France, now it is in the nascent stage in India.

                Why a sudden demand? Can we mention it as a trend?

                It may be a trend but there are few more interesting reasons that resulted in increasing demand mostly in women.

                Let us see what are those?

                Wine prevents weight gain especially in women. It is the time to put down all sorts of dieting and pour yourself a Pinot Noir. This is because women produces smaller amount of enzymes that metabolizes alcohol when compared with men. So, to digest a drink, they have to keep producing it and require the body to burn energy. Therefore, drinking wine could lead to taking a fewer calories while body is burning energy. Hence weigh gain gets restricted.

                Due to enzymes, women tend to get drunk easier than men who get drunk harder. The important part in wine tasting would be wine smelling, as women have a better sense of smell than men due to reproductive ages – women tend to be better testers too.

                Is wine Feminine or Masculine? Ah! There is nothing sexiest in the terms. The lighter & brighter wines tend to be feminine whereas masculine wines exhibit more weight & density.

                Wine pairs with food. Wine pairs with cheese & the list doesn’t stop here…. Many things marries with wine & few to mention, wine and a foreign movie, wine & a romance novel, wine and old memories and last wine & romance.

                Wine doesn’t only have cork teasers who love to talk about wine it also has people who fear of wine which is termed as Oenophobia.

                What ever good we talk about wines it can make a person sick too. One side few wines have antioxidants that have cardio protective effects. Other side, few white wines may slightly increase risk of digestive track cancers.

                In nutshell, if you feel uncomfortable, take a sip of wine and swallow slowly, the body absorbs the nectar like sponge – it travels to your head and the problems go away.

                Till then Sensible Drinking!!!