Women Paraded Naked, We Enjoyed it!!
Vijay | 03 Apr 2008

A mob of 70-80 men groped and molested two young women for some 15 minutes on a busy main street in India. The police respond with: “Don’t blow it out of proportion, you are creating a mountain out of a molehill"

You type "Women Paraded Naked India" and you will get at least 10 pages with the similar news.

So we have done it again!!

The latest news is from Raipur, Chattisgarh that two alleged call girls were thrashed, stripped and paraded naked couple of nights back. The incident took place barely few hundred meters from the CMs residnce. Though police tried to save the girls from the mob but this type of crime is surely showing the cynical nature of Indian Society.

The status of women in a society is a significant reflection of the level of social justice in the society. The constitution of India guaratees equal rights to both men and women. Yet in the last few months we have witnessed at least half a dozen of incidents where the women have been paraded naked in the village, cities, towns by the so called 'saviour of the society.' In one case a women was paraded naked for just stealing the fruits from a farm. It seems that men enjoy seeing women naked and this psychology just shows how a stupid and foolish man can be? You have numerous incidents of the molestation. Most women have experienced, at worst, sexual trauma, and at best, inappropriate touching, grabbing and physical intimidation. The last thing they want is to put themselves into a situation where they are subjected to more of this.

Let us consider this case only. Why are two girls being paraded naked? What about the men who called them, if they were call girls? This is irony in India that we never see the broader picture and are very happy to palliate the situation. And this is the best way to do that? How cum we drag the men involved in the court because they might be having some political backing or they are so venerable that it is just impossible for us to think that they are involved!!Thus the men carry on to show their "prowess" on poor girls.The society is still running away from the truth that punishing girls for their alleged sex crime, why don't they take action against those men involved?