Women rally against Injustice
surajit majumdar | 03 Sep 2014

31st August, 2014 , A very ordinary day for most of people in New Delhi . Beside we had few drop of rain in between.

More than 20000 to 30000 women, from different organization and majority of them followers of Asharam Bapu , gathered and marched from Rajghat to Parliament stretch of 3 KM in support of Saint Shri Asharam Bapu asking for justice.

When I think , if a politician , actor or high profile Journalist get bail easily , the best example , Sanjay dutt, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Tarun Tejpal. But in case of a Saint be it Asharam bapu, Nityaanad Swami,Swadhwi Pragya and other bail is not so easy .

Sanjay Dutt, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Tejpal got bail like cake walk. For Asharam bapu who is 75 years old is in jail for the last one year. Not a single allegation is proven yet. Why a saint has to suffer? Why this injustice to a Saint? You have more then 1300 pages allegation but nothing is proved in 365 days.

When there is clear case of misuse of POCSO. One girl blaming her and more than 20000 women supporting him whom to trust.

The entire rally of 20000 women walked form Rajghat to Parliament street in constant rain and finally gathered in Jantar Mantar. Sat infront of Pandal where Saints are protesting againt the injustice for bapu Ji for the last 365 days be in winter where temperature goes -2 or hot summer where temperature rise upto 47 to 49C.

So called the elite paid media did not bother to cover this incident and rally at way. Paid media never bother to cover this to public. They preferred to stay mum on this , which clearly shows their credibility .

The only media channel cover this was Sudarshan Channel and a handful of newspaper. Beside the followers of Asharam were loud in Facebook and twitter.

People who still have question , who is Asahram Bapu, he is one who has represented India in world religion parliament . He is the one who has the highest number of followers , more than 60 million follow him world wide. , 400 ashram are there in India and world . More than 14000 Bal Sanskar Kendra are there for development of youngster. He is one who strongly stood against conversation of Hindu to other religion . More than 40,000 triable are depend on him .

A similar black day was absorb in Mumbai in Azad Maidan where supporter of Asharam bapu ji gather against the injustice to bapu ji.

No evidence to prove against him still a 75 years old is not given bail .60 million crying eyes and bleeding heart awaits him. Why not bail for a 75 years old , you can not prove allegation put him behind bars. Sanjay Dutt, Tejpal and lalu Prasad Yadav easily gets bail.

I always wonder whom to blame for this Injustice – Media ( please read paid media) who just cover new for TRP , Police or the Judicial system of this country. Or I should blame the Hindu, who do not stand united for their culture and their Saints.