Women-The soft target for any and every crime
ISHA SHARMA | 20 Feb 2011

In our country,every woman is a potential victim irrespective of age. Its high time that our judiciary takes up relevant steps to bring a stop to these heart-breaking crimes!

 No city in this country is safe for women and every woman is a potential victim for crime and explotiation..irrespective of age or city.Women who is a mother-the epitome of selfless love is a lady who is been treated in a way that is hard to even think of! Be it at home,on the roads,while travelling in a DTC bus, while walking on busy roads,women are safe no where! Long back is the time when dowry system or sati were in news but now other forms of crime against woman has taken its place and this leads us thinking deep about how safe is a woman in our country??

Now the world had taken a step ahead in advancements and our country is no where behind in competing with other countries but whats shocking is that the status of woman in our indian society instead of improving has detieorated. In a country where there are healty discussions conduction the STATUS Of woman,improving their health condition, empowering them by giving reservations,but this is surely not helping in any case and its easier said than done. Even on the grass-root levels where the 73rd Ammendment made it sure that woman needs to be uplifted both socially and pyschologically but who knows the dark deep truth inside it. It was later found out that it were the women’s husbands who played a proxy role where actually it was their wives who were to be an active member of the GRAM PANCHAYAT! But this was just a story of initial times…Now woman has left men far behind but the statistics reveal that the crime against women is not decreasing but is increasing at an alarming rate!Be it domestic violence,eve-teasing,rapes it’s a WOMAN who suffers..and no one can even think of what a woman has to go through.

Now its time when government needs to wake up and think again on issues related to a woman’s security in our country. Installation of GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYStEM ) in the cabs and buses must be made mandatory.And even woman must understand the meaning of 3P’s(Precaution,prevention and protection) !