World Cup Prediction Will New Zealand And Australia Get Setbacks?
Prasant | 08 Mar 2015

The match to be played on Mar 8 has a numerical pattern 27 plus 1 equals 28 which is appearing to be bad for Michael Clarke and Brendon Mcullum, their teams might face defeat or else hindrances.

Considering the power of the teams, Afghanistan is no match for NZ and likewise, Australia are better than Sri Lanka. But, if only the numerology science is considered, there are weaknesses for NZ and Aus team on mar 8 matches.

The three values for the match date are, date= 08, complete date total= 19, and the total of the two= 27. And Sunday=1, so, the matrix would be like this-

19 = 27 + 1 = 28

Interestingly, Clarke's birth date 2 plus complete birth date total 25 add to 27. And it seems that one [1] is controlling the 27. Any number under other's control proves weak.

And New Zealand captain Mcullum's birth date is 27, and destiny is 37 which resembles 82. But, the match date matrix has a twenty seven in correct order but eighty two in reverse order 28. Reverse order creates weakness/defeat.

Here, one can't be too sure because the numbers are adding to one [1] after all, in the same series with the captain's numbers. The prediction rests on these minute things.

Astro hints-

NZ vs Afghanistan match- First batting lagna in conjunction with Maa- weakness.

SL vs Aus match- Sun is in the 10th house of second batting lagna, seems powerful.